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"Typical ROI for analytics projects that incorporate predictive analytics is about 250% "(IDC)

Data Sciences – Basic Diagnostic

Want to understand how your SalesForce data is driving your success patterns?

Our Basic Diagnostic helps you answer these questions:

  • What are your most significant data influencers?
  • What are your least significant data influencers?
  • What confidence do you have in the quality of your data?
  • What is your prediction accuracy, based on historical wins and losses?
  • What are the strengths in your data set?
  • What are the gaps in your data set?
  • Where are the opportunities to improve?

Use History Profitably

Know where you stand in leveraging past successes into future wins.

Data Sciences – Advanced Diagnostic

Want to go beyond basic understanding and measure up against industry leaders?

Our Advanced Diagnostic includes the Basic Diagnostics plus bench marking that compares your current practices to leaders in Big Data and Data Science. Advanced Diagnostics addresses five key capability areas:

  • Talent – Does your organization have the right skill sets to manage data and analytics initiatives?
  • Information – Does your organization have the right information to take advantage of advanced data sciences?
  • Process – Does your organization have the right practices, processes and capabilities to profitably leverage Big Data and analytics into actionable and profitable outcomes?
  • Technology – Do you have the right tools in place to rapidly deploy prototyping, data extraction and analysis for best real-time decisions and actions?
  • Governance & Risk – Do you have the right governance and risk management practices in place to prioritize your Big Data and Data Sciences projects?

More than Data, A Direction

You receive a detailed report of our Data Sciences findings that will help you:

  • Advance your Big Data and Data Science programs
  • Define a clear gap assessment to that will guide your path to effective world-class sales analytics.

Data Sciences – Strategy to Roadmap Workshop

Want a compass to guide business results?

This is a rapid and agile strategy workshop (conducted over  7 to 30 days, depending on the organization size) where you and your team:

  • Complete a base-lining data sciences diagnostic survey
  • Facilitate key organization interviews
  • Architect strategy directions and
  • Identify key project priorities to close gaps in data quality that impacts decision-making.

Build Your Foundation for Better Business Results

Use this workshop to define and align strategies to convert data into actionable and profitable initiatives.

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