Our Team

Dr. Allan Kevin Francis

Chairman & Strategic Growth Advisor

Dr. Cindy Gordon

CEO & Founder

Michael Weinberg

CTO & Chief Architect

Dr. Yannick Lallement

Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Pramod Gupta

Senior Data Scientist

Purnima Bihari

Senior Director of Product Development & Customer Success

Thomas Burghardt

Director Software Engineering & Technical Operations

Sohil Dadwani

Director of Sales Operations

Malay Upadhyay

Director of Marketing & Strategic Business Development

Partha Sarathy

Director of Sales & Financial Services

Bharat Tahiliani

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sai Krishna

Account Manager – Sales & Strategy

Abhinav Mahajan

Marketing Consultant

Bianca Monteiro

Marketing Analyst

Detailed Profiles

Dr. Allan Kevin Francis, LL.D, Chairman & Strategic Growth Advisor

Dr. A. Kevin Francis LL.D is Founder & Chairman of the Values Based Leadership Group Inc, in Ontario, Canada. He is also an Executive Leadership Coach/Independent Contractor with The Training Associates, Boston, Mass, USA.

Previous leadership roles include: CEO / Director/Investor of Centerbeam Inc.in San Jose, California, a managed cloud services outsourcing firm delivering services in 49 countries (acquired in 2013 by Earthlink Inc); CEO / Director/investor of Accelio Corporation, a leading global provider of web-enabled business process solutions (aquired in 2002 by Adobe Systems); A 28 year career with Xerox retiring in 2000 as Chairman, President and CEO of Xerox Canada, a $1.6B organization.

His current external appointments include Chairman of the Advisory Board, Cape Breton University Vershuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment, Global executive coach for Accenture, Board member : True Growth 2.0/Enterprise Saint John NB advisory group and Volunteer Mentor at Pickering College, and a Strategic Growth Advisor to SalesChoice.

Kevin’s passion is his children and grandchildren and contributing value based leadership.

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO & Founder

Cindy Gordon is an expert in SaaS, business innovation, early-stage software commercialization & sales business practices. She has held senior leadership roles at Accenture, Xerox and Citicorp.

With entrepreneur, VC and Angel experiences, Cindy also has been immersed in numerous global SaaS start-ups like Eloqua, an early seed investment sold to Oracle for over $1B. Other SaaS companies, she is currently involved in include: Corent Technology, CoursePeer, Kula, and TouchTown TV.

Cindy is also the Founder of Helix Commerce International Inc., a strategy innovation firm which has serviced clients  like: CIBC, Davis and Henderson, IBM, ING, LGS Electronics, Mitel, Rogers and TD.

Internationally, she is recognized for her innovation in: SaaS and Big Data thought leadership, with over 14 books in the market. She is also a 2012 recipient of the Governor’s General Award for Innovation. She is a 2017 recipient of the CATA & E&Y Sara Kirke Award for Outstanding Leadership as a CEO. She is also a Advanced Analytics Expert at the International Institute of Advanced Analytics (AI and Data Sciences, Boston). She is also currently working on her 15th book on The AI SPLIT: The Perfect World, or The Perfect Storm.

With NFPs, Cindy’s track record includes: CATA (National Media Spokesperson), Invest CrowdFund (ICC) Canada (Past Chair), Founder and National Chair, Women in Technology (CANWIT), and The United Way. She recently was a board director for Nightwood Theatre,and has also been a Board Director for the Bluma Appel Theatre, and has a passion for theatre and the arts.

Cindy’s passion is the constant pursuit of sustainable innovation and making differentiated experiences to make our world an incredible place. She also loves family time, travelling and cooking.

Michael Weinberg, CTO & Chief Architect

Michael brings over 13 years of professional software R&D experience with emphasis on Cloud and BigData Technologies. Michael is also founder of Radscale Systems Inc.,a certified Amazon Cloud Consulting Partner specializing in Cloud and Big Data applications.

Michael is also a co-founder of Kenlo Group, a web and mobile applications developer.  His contributions at NDS Group (a worldwide leader in digital pay-TV solutions acquired by Cisco) were recognized by a 2005 CEO Award for Outstanding Technical Contribution.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Computer Science from The Hebrew University in Israel and has conducted research and published scientific papers in the area of distributed artificial intelligence.

Michael also volunteers in community computer classes helping kids and senior citizens acquire computer and Internet skills. Michael’s passions include: photography, snowboarding & camping ~ and of course, innovating with Big Data and SaaS.

Dr. Yannick Lallement, Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Yannick Lallement is the Chief Data Scientist for SalesChoice Inc. Yannick is responsible  to solve complex sales intelligence challenges. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the French INRIA (National Institute of Research in Computer Science), with a specialization in artificial intelligence and parallel computing.

Prior roles include a research associate at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, at Carnegie Mellon University, for a few years, honing his data-mining & predictive analytic expertise. He then went on to design enterprise customer-service and e-commerce software and intelligent agents at a leading Canadian web-development company.

Additionally, Yannick was a member of the Google Human Evaluation Team, and has been consulting on SEO and website analytics for companies like American Express.

Yannick’s passion is in uncovering and making sense of the evidence hidden in all sorts of complex data patterns to improve business intelligence, and eating French cooking.

Dr. Pramod Gupta, Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Pramod Gupta is a Senior Data Scientist with SalesChoice, with more than 15 years of experience as a researcher and academician in various organizations including work with: NASA, GE, VISA, as well as in a number of academic positions involving Big Data strategies and solutions.

His research areas include: neural networks, machine learning algorithms, modeling and robotics, data modeling, and data mining. He has more than 40 publications on these subjects in various conferences and journals and has won several awards for his research and academic achievements.

Pramod obtained his Ph.D. from McMaster University in Canada and is also currently teaching part-time at UCSC Silicon Valley Extention. He is passionate about working with new technologies solving innovative data science and machine learning problems, particularly in CRM.

Purnima Bihari, Senior Director of Product Development & Customer Success

Purnima is responsible for setting the direction of SalesChoice product development to achieve business objectives and maximize market share by designing cost-effective high quality product solutions.

She is a seasoned IT management professional with experience in managing and deploying multiple business solutions in Healthcare, Insurance, E-commerce, Online Publishing and Media and Entertainment domains.

She has previously lead engineering teams for large enterprises including: Infosys, Best Buy, Wellpoint and Quest Pathologies. She possesses first-rate Agile management experience across SCRUM, XP, and KANBAN methodologies.

Purnima holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business, where she specialized in Technology Management and B2B marketing. She also holds a Computer Science Degree. Her personal interests include script-writing, graphic design and painting.

Her passion lies in building a self-sustaining Canadian technology ecosystem and making it the next hub of global innovation and social change.

Thomas Burghardt, Senior Director Software Engineering & Technical Operations

Thomas is a Data Sciences Engineer and a full stack engineer whose focus is delivering front-end product enhancements, as well as building out server-side architecture.

His past experience includes work on web applications and software products that focus primarily on data management and data processing.

Thomas works closely with the engineering team to ensure the customer needs are fulfilled, balanced against the product roadmap directions, and ensures the operating engineering processes are “humming” in all the right directions – as SalesChoice is all about “making data speak.”

Thomas holds a major in Mathematics and Statistics and also has a minor in Computer Science from the University of Concordia.

He has a passion for Sports statistics and programming, but also enjoys escaping to the cottage during the summer. He is an avid water skier, and enjoys being athletic, and leading a balanced life.

Sohil Dadwani, Director of Sales Operations

Sohil’s responsibilities at SalesChoice include: leading the indirect Lead Generation Sales Team, providing Sales Pipeline & Account Management support and planning marketing events & communications. He leads a team of Sales resources. 

Sohil brings six years of diverse experiences to SalesChoice. He has demonstrated excellence and strong business acumen in his professional endeavors at Mahindra and as a Management Consultant.

He has an MBA from Queen’s School of Business, where he specialized in Marketing. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Devi Ahilya University, Indore, India.

Sohil is very tech savvy and passionate about bringing positive disruption in the way of doing business from the use of innovative technology approaches.

Malay Upadhyay, Director of Marketing & Strategic Business Development

Malay is responsible for the firm’s positioning and channel strategy, its implementation and developing business with prospective B2B clients to meet the annual revenue targets.

He brings a diverse set of experiences as a marketer and consultant, having delivered in several industries across the globe. He previously led the marketing and business development to create an industry niche at a B2B hospitality firm in Kolkata, and was one of 25 individuals across the globe to envisage future workplaces for Marzotto SpA in Italy. He also consulted to a S. American Trade Commission in Dubai on market entry, to a Telehealth firm in Calgary on customer acquisition and to one of the world’s largest oil and gas firms on future introduction of biofuels at Accenture in Bangalore.

Malay holds an MBA from Queen’s University, Kingston, and an MSc in Marketing Management from Bocconi University, Milan. His personal interests include traveling, speculating on fresh ideas and writing, having authored multiple books. At most times, he brings these together in his ‘Blog of a Fly’. He is currently co-authoring with Dr. Cindy Gordon, a book on The AI Split: The Perfect World, or The Perfect Storm.

Malay envisions an age of collaborative AI as the only solution to an efficient and seamless existence and intends to achieve it through an inclusive growth of all stakeholders evolved in the ecosystem.

Partha Sarathy, Director of Sales & Financial Services

Partha has over 15 years of professional experience championing advanced analytic solutions across fortune 100 firms leveraging data and insights to make better smarter decisions. Partha has held leadership roles for global firms such as EY, TD Bank, JPMC, Thomson Reuters, Accenture, FICO. Partha has experience in both B2C and B2B organizations. He is a strong advocate of using data and analytics as a competitive advantage, and has done this for last 15+yrs and impacted several $MM initiatives.

Partha has deep experience leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics in the area of marketing, sales, customer and fraud risk domains. He believe data and analytics is key to any strategy. During this role at Thomson Reuters, he led a team that championed several ‘first-time’ analytics strategies, very similar to Saleschoice product offering.

Partha holds a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics and Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India.

During his free time, he likes to spend time with family, long walks, plays tennis and volunteers at mentor-ship programs helping newcomers to Canada.

Scott Howard – Revenue Engineer

Scott is an experienced Revenue Management engineer accelerating SalesChoice’s go to market growth plans. Working his way through the ranks of sales analysts and sales enablement at Siemens Canada, Scott honed an understanding of market and account research, bid management, CRM and sales support. As a named Account Executive for Xerox Canada, Scott absorbed the Xerox Sales Training and a belief that success is a plan, plan to succeed and activity breeds success. At CapGemini, Scott ran Demand Generation and Sales Enablement for the North American IT Outsourcing business line that achieved its target of $1B in total contract orders.

Post the financial crisis, Scott Co-Founded Investment Ready Partners and then joined Coral CEA and delivered his core customer a 5x economic impact ($45m+). As Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development for Ingle International and Novus Health, Scott executed 3 Joint Ventures, several strategic business development negotiations before helping to sell Ingle International to a multinational insurance company for a 30% premium on market comparable multiples.

Scott lives in Toronto and is passionate about his wife Stephanie, daughters Zoe and Emma and accelerating the promising growth of  early stage tech startups.

Sai Krishna, Account Manager – Sales & Strategy

Sai is responsible for lead generation and new business development. His responsibilities include managing the sales pipeline for mid to large companies, sales enablement and driving sales performance. 

He has more than seven years of cross-cultural experience in global firms like: Lloyds Banking Group, Wipro Consulting, HCL; having gathered fair understanding in increasing sales revenues, developing profitable & productive business relationships and building an extensive client base.

Sai has a Masters in International Business and holds an MBA, specializing in Marketing.

He has a passion for sports like cricket, golf and squash. In his spare time, he enjoys offroading, hiking and likes escaping to the mountains.

Abhinav Mahajan, Marketing Consultant

Abhinav is a Marketing communication specialist whose focus at SalesChoice Inc. is on ideating, developing and implementing strategic brand communication.

He brings over 6 years of experience to SalesChoice. He has demonstrated capacity to develop and implement strategic marketing communications for brands in a diverse range of industries in all his past professional endeavors.

Abhinav has previously worked on the agency side as well as the client side on brands in across various industries like: CPG, Media & Publishing and Banking.

He holds an Advanced Diploma in Advertising and Marketing and a Masters In Marketing Communication Management from The National Institute of Advertising.

He has a passion for building Brands but also enjoys traveling, sports and cooking.

Bharat Tahiliani, Digital Marketing Specialist

Bharat is a Digital Marketing Specialist whose focus at SalesChoice Inc. is on design, website architecture, email marketing, video editing, and thinking out of the box regarding high-impact marketing campaign ventures.

He brings over 4 years of experience to the company. He has demonstrated capacity to structure, redesign, ideate and execute successful marketing campaigns.

He holds an undergrad in Information and Communication Studies from The University of New Brunswick, Saint John, a diploma in Film Production from Toronto Film School, and is currently pursuing his Digital Marketing Management certification from University of Toronto.

He has passion fro video editing, iPhone Photography, funny and whimsical movies, reading, and loves playing soccer and ping-pong.

Bianca Monteiro, Marketing Analyst

Bianca brings with her an expertise in Sales and Customer Service, Product and Brand Management.

She holds a Post-Graduate in Strategic Marketing and International Business from George Brown College. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai.

She also has experience from Mullen Lowe Lintas, a subsidiary of the InterPublic Group, New York where she worked on planning and developing digital campaigns for leading brands.

From a community perspective, Bianca was also an active member of AIESEC, a global youth-run organization. Her passion includes camping and escaping into nature for leisure.