Conversations on AI for today’s world

Welcome to our PREDICITIVE AI WORLD Monthly PODCAST SERIES focused on The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on businesses. We now live in The Age of Distraction where data volume and growth is unprecedented and to cope AI has become the new fuel to our ever-changing digital intelligent world.

In this series, we will interview Founders, C level executives and thought leaders to: discuss The Rise of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and IoT. This series will explore in an informative interview style how these new digital technologies are impacting businesses globally.

Episode 1: Introduction to AI

Our topic for the day: What is AI and how is it going to change everything?

My name is Malay Upadhyay and I am the Director of Marketing and Strategic Business Development at SalesChoice and I am your host for this series. My partner, Dr. Cindy Gordon CEO SalesChoice, is an AI & Data Sciences leader in the CRM Market and will be talking to us today on Defining AI, and introducing some key concepts.

Episode 2: Predictive Churn

Why Customer Service Leaders must embrace Predictive Churn driven by AI and Machine Learning approaches to survive in The Age of Distraction?

Our guests today are, Dr. Cindy Gordon CEO SalesChoice, an AI & Data Sciences leader in the CRM market and today we are hosting Jean Mork Bredeson, founder and president of SERVICE 800, a leading customer experience company performing global customer feedback and service quality measurements for BIG brands like Lexmark, Johnson&Johnson and Johnson Controls.