Why Sales and Marketing Specialists will become Big Data Scientists

Dr. Cindy Gordon’s presentation on Big Data and Predictive Analytics at the Sales & Marketing Middle East Conference May19-20 Abu Dhabi.

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Giving Business an Edge: Predictive Analytics and the Science of Selling

Originally published at on December 16, 2013

Effective use of data, especially predictive analytics, will give businesses a strong competitive advantage.

Analytics delivers significant benefits to businesses of all sizes. McKinsey research has indicated eight to 10 per cent CAGR rates for companies using these approaches. Our industry research sees possibilities of 20 to 50 per cent growth possibilities for businesses.

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ItBusiness Covers SalesChoice and WorldLynx Wireless

WorldLynx ties together branches with Canadian-made cloud CRM

by Brian Jackson. 28 November 2013,

When Garry Wood took over as CEO of WorldLynx in October 2010, Bell Canada’s largest wireless reseller, he had other top priorities besides an impending implementation of – but found it tough to negotiate delaying the contract by a year.

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