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3 Big Business Challenges

Visibility into Data and Analytics across the Enterprise, leveraging AI

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Increased focus on Unified Digital Model: Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Internet of Things

Reduce Operating Costs, through improved Resources Utilization

The SalesChoice Solution

SalesChoice specializes in supporting Healthcare business needs, leveraging Advanced Analytical methods, using AI, Predictive and Prescriptive Actionable Insights to solve these types of challenges. Our talent brings diverse healthcare experience in servicing sectors like Biotechnology, Telehealthcare, Pharmaceutical etc.

Visibility into Data and Analytics across the Enterprise, leveraging AI

Healthcare organizations need tight process rigor on compliance and regulatory risks. SalesChoice always leads with strategy and process first to ensure we don’t get lost in the sea of data possibilities. The business processes usually sit on goldmines of rich data. However, making sense of the rich data is not always easy. We start with always asking our clients which questions do you want to solve? Recent studies have validated that leveraging BI approaches can achieve an ROI on average of 85%, while using AI methods can achieve an ROI of over 250%. Are you ready for AI?

Increased focus on Unified Digital Model: Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Internet of Things

Disparate sources, channel intermediaries, and omni-channel customer touch points often lead to a host of data generation that remains disparate. SalesChoice can help Healthcare organizations move into the next generation model of market growth by digitizing and unifying relevant data and insight generation, driven by AI, so that companies can achieve immediate insights across the omni-channels.

Reduce Operating Costs through Improved Resource Utilization

Leaders in the healthcare industry are always trying to effectively utilize their resources to reduce operating costs. Developing efficient operating processes is key to improving resources utilization. Investments in infrastructure and choosing the right operating platforms to run the enterprise are key to simplifying operations and optimizing resourcing. SalesChoice and our partners specialize in Sales and Marketing operating practices, bringing leading edge technology and leveraging our AI platform we will work with your organization to solve your complex business challenges.

A Pharma Customer Caselet

SalesChoice Inc. recently completed designing, developing and deploying from ground zero one of the largest pharmaceutical company footprints, and completed the Systems Integration (SI) requirements, using Salesforce’s Sales Cloud as the platform of choice. Customized unified workflows were developed for Primary Care, Hospitals and other Institutional needs. In addition, BI KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards were developed for all organizational stakeholders. As our Pharma healthcare client’s data sets mature in volume, we are also laying the foundation for AI Data Readiness to advance our Pharma Healthcare client’s needs.

To take advantage of AI, the right foundations must be in place, ensuring the right data structures and relevant data sources are accurate and trustworthy.

SalesChoice is not a blackbox AI solutions provider. We help our clients make data speak and ensure ethical AI – every step in their data analytics and discovery journey.


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