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High Tech

4 Big Business Challenges

Constant product innovation and increasingly shorter product lifecycles,

Rapid inventory depreciation and seasonal fluctuations

Visibility into Sales Data and Analytics across all functions

Increased focus on Unified Digital Model: Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Internet of Things.

The SalesChoice Solution

SalesChoice specializes in High Tech Predictive and Prescriptive Sales Analytics and helping our clients using Salesforce.com to close these high-tech challenges. We know High Tech business as we are former Dell, Google, Novell, Xerox, Tech Savvy leaders.

Improve Visibility into Data and Analytics

Business analytics turns today’s wealth of available data into actionable insights.

Four out of five High Tech firms are currently using a business intelligence application to maximize employee productivity, choose profitable clients and projects, and better understand risks and opportunities.

However, there is a gap between collecting data and fully exploiting its use.

SalesChoice helps you bridge that gap by applying advanced predictive and prescriptive sales analytics to give you the ability to tap into your rich Salesforce.com data sources and put you in the position of winning more by seeing more.

We increase your predictions on sales opportunities by 80% or more – always better than 25% from baseline and often over 40% prediction improvements.

Identify Best Pathways for Profitability

Numerous dynamics impact a High Tech sales cycle.  New Account or Annuity, Channel Mix, Product/Solution Mix, Pricing, Resourcing are all factors that can come into play.

Having insight into the best pathways for new account realization can save a company millions.

SalesChoice gives you the levers that you can change to increase your odds of winning more. Our real-time machine learning approaches gives you a unique competitive edge.

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