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3 Big Business Challenges

Rapid inventory depreciation and seasonal fluctuations

Visibility into Data and Analytics across the Enterprise, leveraging AI

Reduce Operating Costs through Resource Management

The SalesChoice Solution

SalesChoice specializes in supporting Manufacturing business needs, leveraging Advanced Sales Analytical methods, using AI, Predictive and Prescriptive Sales Actionable Insights to solve these types of challenges. Our advanced sales analytics solutions enable manufacturing companies to stay on top of demand fluctuations, using enhanced 360 AI-enabled KPI (Key Performance Indicator) insights to advance our customer’s business needs with AI strategic partners, like Okapi.

Rapid Inventory Depreciation and Seasonal Fluctuations

Fluctuation in demand and supply is one of the most pressing challenges for Manufacturing companies. SalesChoice’s Insight Engine™ can not only allow companies to predict such fluctuations, but also understand latent factors that drive them in order to better plan and manage inventory.

Visibility into Data and Analytics across the Enterprise, using AI

SalesChoice and Okapi’s unified AI solution allows manufacturing companies to not only track operational and strategic performance across different functions to drive business strategy but also get actionable insights to increase top-line revenue with AI-enabled guided selling. In retailer-dominated channels, such insights can lend manufacturer’s major competitive advantage.

Reduce Operating Costs through Resource Management.

Mismanaged production and low margin supply chains leave most manufacturing companies with escalating cost-reduction challenges. Predictive accuracy on changing market dynamics can allow greater channel optimization and control over production cycles for manufacturers. As a result, companies can reduce cost of customer acquisition, driving increased margins into operating models.


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