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Professional Services

3 Big Business Challenges

Improve Visibility
into Past & Current Data

Reduce Cost of Sales (COS)
through Resource Management

Price Projects
to Ensure Profitability

The SalesChoice Solution

SalesChoice specializes in Professional Services and can help you overcome these challenges.

Improve Visibility into Data and Sales Analytics

Two out of five professional service firms are currently using a business intelligence application to maximize employee productivity, choose profitable clients and projects, and better understand risks and opportunities.

Use our advanced sales analytics to gain the ability to see more to win more. We are always over 80% prediction accuracy, giving you baseline improvements of 25-60%.

Reduce Cost of Sales

Professional Services sales cycles can take from 3-12 months, or even more to close. Ensuring the right resources are engaged effectively and in a timely manner is a key success factor.

We have saved our Professional Services clients millions by helping them focus on the right sales cycles versus sending out expensive resources prematurely on opportunities that are not fully qualified.

Price Your Projects for Profitability

The product in a Professional Services firm is its talent, with pricing based on a number of factors: market elasticity, competitor comparables, operating costs, and so on.

With SalesChoice’s Prescriptive Sales Analytics, we easily give you comparatives against historical wins and losses so your firm’s knowledge is always accessible. We also work with you to customize the statistical levers to ensure the controllables and non-controllables are aligned to how you need to run your business.

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