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SalesChoice May 2018 Newsletter

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SalesChoice April 2018 Newsletter


SalesChoice has been recognized by the Insights Success magazine as one of The 10 Best Performing Sales Management Solution Providers 2018. Read the digital issue here to see the list of companies who made it to the list.

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March 2018 Newsletter

The third and fourth videos in the joint series by EY and SalesChoice around Managing the Risks of AI are out now. Learn about Explainable AI and how to Be AI Ready here.

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Predictive AI Insights Newsletter – May 2017

May was an Awards month. Always good to get those, especially when they reflect something so much bigger than any of us! Let’s dive in.

Few of us know that Lady Sara Kirke was Canada’s first woman entrepreneur – a legacy dating as far back as 1638 that is recognized annually by The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA). This year, the Sara Kirke E&Y Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation went to Dr. Cindy Gordon, our Founder & CEO. Read the full history and details of the award here. Or Watch the Video to hear from Dr. Gordon.

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Predictive Insights Newsletter


Wishing you a successful 2017!

We are committed to helping companies: Prioritize, Predict, and Pace to achieve actionable insights for competitive advantage using AI and Machine Learning approaches to accelerate Sales Wins an Conversion Rates. 

We have kick started the New Year with a new product addition to our portfolio, a new blog series talking about the importance of Narrative Story Telling, a Webinar on Data Sciences Readiness in our Predictive World.

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