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A Unifying AI Platform as a Service

SalesChoice AI Insight Engine™ can help you navigate your unique business realities and achieve results with process modernization and customized AI solutions.



Take stock of your business challenges, governance, strategy, data, process, technology and talent realities and how to address them with or without AI.


Chart a TrustedAI vision and journey roadmap that is unique to your business needs, advancing both short and long term goals, achieving sustaining results.

AI Readiness

Evaluate your organizational governance, strategy, data, process, technology and talent readiness to leverage AI and ensure value from AI investments.

Data-led Transformation

Embark on a 360-degree cross functional data modernization and change management journey by leveraging our proven: data lineage data labeling and industry best practices to ensure you are ready for AI driven enablements.

AI Application Development

Design & build a unique AI model or GenAI app using SalesChoice’s award-winning InsightEngine™ platform, or leverage other AI toolkits to secure your growth and profitability goals.

ROI Sustainability

Validate existing AI models, track their performance and improve them to sustain a positive ROI from your investments. Ensure always trusted AI practices are robust and AI technology infrastructures are optimized for Machine Learning Ops, and GenAI apps.

Process Modernization

SalesChoice transformed the end-to-end sales process – from lead generation to product delivery  – for a large telecom and helped it achieve data readiness for AI enablements in a multi-year journey program and ensured at every step operational sustainability and value realization.

Profitability Maximization

SalesChoice guided a transportation and logistics company to prioritize customer accounts in real-time by building a customized AI model that predicted margins on daily customer orders, without looking at revenue or cost data. The AI model achieved 211% ROI in less than a year by taking corrective actions.

Missed Revenues

A global online gaming company had an AI model that was insufficient despite being 99% accurate in predicting very important customers and fraudulent players. SalesChoice developed the strategy to improve model performance that enabled the client to capture millions of net new revenue.


SalesChoice has an increased focus on infusing data and AI across its offerings that enables clients to generate higher value from their digital transformation initiatives.

— Jeffrey Green, SVP, Sales and Customer Experience Purolator

Count on our AI consulting expertise and Insight Engine™ platform to be your AI journey partner.

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