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Know your employee experience like never before.

Get a real-time channel on operational gaps and corporate risk, while respecting individual privacy.

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Negative mindset is as bad for companies as it is for employees.

Unhappy mindset is linked to reduced engagement and productivity, as well as significant operational risks, absenteeism, burnout, turnover, stress, and injury. These risks cost employers billions every year.

30% of front line employees start their workday in a negative mindset and come across serious organizational risks which go unidentified. Lapses in process, communication, and mental health often lurk below the surface.

Mood Insights gives your workforce a safe communication stream to management, plus centralized access to your unique health and wellness resources.

We help you achieve a safer and more productive working environment to realize the full potential of your people and your systems.


Mood Insights is for everyone that cares about their workforce.

40% turnover

is due to employee stress

Korn Ferry Institute

$300 billion

cost of excessive stress to US companies

Entrepreneur, 2019

Here’s what they say


Mood Insights enables our drivers to become more aware of their mindset and impacting factors. The insights inform future safety training and processes long term and advance our operational excellence goals.

— Ken Johnston, SVP & CHRO, Purolator

I didn’t realize my energy has been low for a whole week straight already. I wouldn’t have realized why if I wasn’t tracking my mood.

 — Frontline Employee

Human factor risk has a causal relationship with +85% of health and safety incidents at our company today. If you have no visibility of the risk, you cannot control it.

Mood Insights is unique because it provides a voice for the workforce and an outlet for them to express feelings and emotions.

 — Director, Health, Safety, and Learning Excellence

How it Works

Step 1
Employees submit their sentiment and wellbeing status, and while also sharing feedback or insights.

Step 2
Managers get anonymized reports into the moods of their workforce, its primary causes, and workforce or operational risks.

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