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The Business Imperative to Build a World Class AI & Data Sciences Organization

SalesChoice jointly hosts with Bedford Consulting Group and EY, a CEO webinar on building a world class AI-driven organization and modernizing business operations, featuring Jeanne Lam, Chief Business Officer at WattPad and AI spokesperson; Dr. Danny Lange, Chief Data Scientist at Unity Technologies.

The Panel answers insightful questions such as:

  • What is the level of trust of AI with C level leaders?
  • What are the biggest challenges that a C-suite must plan for to achieve AI operational excellence?
  • What are the ethical concerns with not being aligned in Trusted AI practices?
  • What are the global opportunities & risks CEO’s need to be aware of?

MKAI AI Technical Forum

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, speaks at the MKAI Technical Forum (April 2021) about the positive and negative risks of AI across diverse industries. She also discusses the digital literacy imperative for the C-suite while sharing a case study of a $1B+ company on how they have deployed their AI Enterprise Programs with a strong focus on AI Governance.

Diversity & Inclusiveness: Incredible Men & Women Having Courage Series

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice and Debbie McGrath, Founder of HR.Com, welcome you to the “Diversity & Inclusiveness: Incredible Men & Women Having Courage Series“.

This 3-part series hosts experiences leaders as they by discuss topics of value/relevance to growth, mental health and ensuring as we advance inclusiveness and enabling CHANGE to accelerate with new possibilities.

Part 1 features Dr. Margie Warrell, Founder, Margie Warrell Global, as she discusses the topic “Having Courage: Dare Bravely, Lead Boldly

Part 2 features Sheevaun Thatcher, Head Digital Enablement Leader, Ring Central, as she discusses the topic “What do you see?

Part 3 features Deborah Rosati, Founder & CEO, Women Get On Board Inc., along with panelists:

  • Dr. Wendy Cukier, President & Founder of The Diversity Institute
  • Garry Wood, Advisor & Executive Business Coach, Clearview Advisor
  • Heather Tulk, Managing Director, Bioscript Solutions

As they discuss the topic “Get Involved to Advanced Leadership and Diversity

Surviving Today & Thriving Post-Corona: It’s All About Your Viability

As part of its Predictive AI World forum, SalesChoice will be hosting a 3-part webinar series “Surviving Today & Thriving Post-Corona” with Ton Dobbe, CEO Value Inspiration, and sponsored by IT World Canada and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. The series hosts global tech CEOs & leaders as they discuss why it’s essential to understand where you can make the most significant difference for your ideal customers, and where your good intentions would be wasted.

In this 3-part series, Webinar no. 3 ” It’s All About Your Viability” hosts leading tech-entrepreneurs, DR. CINDY GORDON, CEO SalesChoice; Patrik Berglund, CEO Xeneta; Dagmar M. Schuller, CEO audEERING and Paul Zak, CEO of Immersion, as they answer key questions

  • “Who’ll leapfrog and use this crisis to leverage the opportunity this creates?”
  • “How do you survive today, and thrive post-Corona?”

They will also deep dive into topics such as the importance of:

  • Creating a culture of curiosity
  • Creating new value possibilities
  • Creating fans, not just customers
  • Focus on the essence / becoming resourceful

Surviving Today & Thriving Post-Corona: It’s All About Momentum

As part of its Predictive AI World forum, SalesChoice will be hosting a 3-part webinar series “Surviving Today & Thriving Post-Corona” with Ton Dobbe, CEO Value Inspiration, and sponsored by IT World Canada and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. The series hosts global tech CEOs & leaders as they discuss why it’s essential to understand where you can make the most significant difference for your ideal customers, and where your good intentions would be wasted.

In this 3-part series, Webinar no. 2 ” It’s All About Momentum” hosts Mark Organ – Chairman Influitive, Dr. Cindy Gordon – CEO SalesChoice, Sachin Dev Duggal – CEO, and Roland Hallebeek – CEO Scotty Technologies, as they share their strategies on:

  • How to cut through the noise and break the filters
  • How to create momentum, keep it going and grow it as we get out of this crisis.

The webinar will also share their key insights on:

  • The power of advocates
  • The power of surprise
  • Hit the right nerve / win the heart
  • Win the deals that are actually happening

Surviving Today & Thriving Post-Corona: Delivering Value

As part of its Predictive AI World forum, SalesChoice will be hosting a 3-part webinar series “Surviving Today & Thriving Post-Corona” with Ton Dobbe, CEO Value Inspiration, and sponsored by IT World Canada and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. The series will host global tech CEOs & Leaders as they discuss why it’s essential to understand where you can make the most significant difference for your ideal customers, and where your good intentions would be wasted.

Part 1 of the series, “It’s All About Delivering Value”, hosts leading tech panelists, including Timothy Willis, COO Aerobotics; Olin Hyde, CEO Leadcrunch; Len Georgiou, President RLDatix; and Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, while they share their strategies and experiences on how to deliver value in times like this, followed by a deep dive on topics including:

  • The art of sniper focused segmentation & positioning
  • Survive the short-term – The essence of closing the right deals
  • The art of offering something valuable and desirable

Breaking the Barrier: Why Traditional Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) Don’t Work?

Join Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice and  Steve Levy, Sales Executive Advisor, and an industry veteran from leading brands like Oracle and Enel, to understand why traditional Quarterly Business Reviews don’t work. Also, hear Steve’s thoughts on why SalesChoice makes it much easier for a Sales Leader to be ready with a Predictable Sales Forecast outlook across any criteria and time period.

Engagement in Sales is Everything to Win

It is getting harder and harder to sell for B2B Sales Professionals. Productivity results have consistently declined year over year for the past ten years. Connecting with Buyers at the right time and engaging in a conversation that is focused squarely on them is what counts.

Join Colleen Francis, Author and International Coach of Engage Selling, and Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder and CEO of SalesChoice as they discuss the following questions:

1. How do you define Engagement in Sales?

2. How are legacy businesses modernizing their sales practices?
3. What is the role of Sales enablement leaders in sales operations, and is it making a difference?
4. How will Artificial Intelligence augment sales operations and sales enablement practices?

Transparency & the Future of Sales

Trust is one of the rarest and most precious commodities to come by in sales. The historical tendency to overpromise and under-deliver, and a slew of products being continuously pitched to buyers have made them quite defensive to sales conversations. Given our age of distraction, it is therefore more and more difficult for sales professionals to engage prospective buyers.

In this webinar, Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO & Founder of SalesChoice Inc. and Todd Caponi, author of the Transparency Sale, discuss how unexpected honesty and understanding the buying brain can transform your results. They look at how greater insights and preparation can even reveal which specific factors play the most significant role in determining deal outcomes, what the impact of their actions are, and how they can engage buyers more effectively.

Leveraging AI & Data Signals To Improve Your Customer Journey Experience

This timely webinar discusses the importance of finding the right mix of AI & Data signals to enhance your customer’s experience & account relationship, whether at the nurturing stage, on-boarding, point of decisioning, the point of transaction or even ways to identify repeat buying. In this session, Julien Phipps – Canadian Director at Emailage and Dr. Cindy Gordon – CEO at SalesChoice, introduce what companies are doing today in order to grow and protect revenue streams.

The session addresses the following questions:

1) Why understanding you customer journey is important?
2) How can real-time data be leveraged at critical points in your customer journey?
3) What types of industries leverage Emailage real-time data and what does that look like?
4) What are the benefits of applying real-time risk & integrating customer profile data into your business workflow?

Accounting Evolved: Why Every CFO & Accounting Leader Needs AI to Stay Relevant

AI is evolving decision making tasks from humans. We have already seen accounting evolution in compliance monitoring, organizational policies, and numerous rules and regulations risk audits. However, it will be an accountant’s role to ensure and monitor that the interpretation of data processed by AI remains a vital risk accountability decision-making process.

AI offers a new competency skill for accountants to improve the quality of business and investment decisions and reduce risk. 2 Award Winning SaaS CEO’s discuss these topics:

1. What is AI? Understanding the Basics
2. What AI use cases are relevant to CFOs and Accounting professionals?
3. What is the long-term vision for AI and the impact on the accounting profession?
4. How can improved intelligent systems enable better decision making and improve an accountant’s role?
5. Introducing an AI Readiness Framework for CFO’s and Accountants to advance AI skills

How to Create a Culture of Curiosity

Dr. Diane Hamilton, President of Tonerra, award winning author of Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential, and Founder of The Nationally Syndicated Leadership Radio Show, is hosted by Dr. Cindy Gordon, a CATA Board Member and CEO of SalesChoice, an AI solution for B2B sales, and Malay Upadhyay, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at SalesChoice and Board Secretary at the AI Directory, to discuss how to create a culture of curiosity to foster innovation and growth.

Our agenda:

• What is the impact of the Age of Distraction to declining talent productivity rates?
• What are the top 10 skill competencies to develop in the 4th Industrial Era, based on Dr. Cindy Gordon and Dr. Diane Hamilton’s research and experiences?
• What are the four factors that impact curiosity maturity (fear, environment, etc.)?
• How can we attract, develop and retain talent where careers are now strings of projects?
• What new organizational models are required to ensure curiosity flourishes?

Achieving AI Super Cluster via AI Guided Selling

Dr. Cindy Gordon, a CATA Board Member and CEO of SalesChoice, an AI solution for B2B sales, and Malay Upadhyay, Director of Marketing & Strategic Alliance at SalesChoice and Board Secretary at the AI Directory, invite you to an exclusive webinar showcasing with real examples how AI can transform sales.

Our agenda:

1.) Define AI and Impact on Sales Professionals
2.) The Cognitive Decline of B2B Sales Professionals Driving AI Guided Selling Enablement
3.) Defining AI Guided Selling: Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
4.) SalesChoice – Introduction of Product and Value

How AI Optimizes Sales Production

AI is top of mind in only 17% of global CEO’s transforming their enterprises, according to Accenture. Productivity of B2B sales has plummeted to less than 35%. Customers are making 90% of their buying decisions or research before you get to them. Time is the scarcest resource of a sales professional and focus in our attention distracted world is eroding performance. Human cognition focus has dropped by 50% and sales professionals already suffer from attention deficit disorder. These are some of the reasons why we need B2B AI sales agents today.

Join Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, an AI cognitive sciences company and J. David Green, Chief Marketing & Alliances Officer, Demand Matrix as they answer these questions:

1. Why Augmented Intelligence will change the Sales Success Formula?

2. How can firmographic and technographic data patterns, augmented with Salesforce data and powered by AI crush win rates?

3. How can you learn to apply AI in your sales and marketing organization from proven case studies?

4. What does a CRO need to know about AI and Data sciences to stay relevant?

5. Why AI and data science methods will close the adoption gaps in CRM systems?

Defining and Demystifying AI Within the Channel

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a critical driver for predictive analytics and decision making among Channel Chiefs.

In this webinar, Dr. Cindy Gordon illustrates how AI can be used as a tactical tool to build and manage channel success, and will demonstrate the potential it unleashes for channel partners and high-tech vendors in the areas of deal registration, service and support, sales pipeline, and deal sizes.

Participants will learn how these programs can help influence partner behaviour, enhance collaboration, reduce channel conflict and measure partner performance, all while providing real-time visibility into your channel pipeline.

Mindfulness in the Age of Distraction and AI

We live in an age of distraction where B2B sales productivity stands at 35% in field time focused on customers. This is primarily due to a significant drop in our ability to focus. Human attention span has dropped by 50% and now clocks at below 8 seconds before a new thought distracts us. That is less than that of a goldfish! Sales professionals are under tremendous pressure to sell more. 30% to 60% of sales professionals do not make their sales quotas. This is why our next webinar will reveal how mindfulness and smart utilization of AI can help maximize sales productivity for your teams.

In this webinar, Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder & CEO of SalesChoice and an expert in introducing AI to B2B sales organizations, will host Andrea Kiss, an accomplished sales effectiveness leadership coach, who challenges leaders to flex their strengths to get and stay boardroom fit. Together, they will visit the rarely identified importance of mindfulness and go past talking about the importance of AI to experience how you can utilize AI to reach your organization’s full potential.

The benefits of attending this session are:

  • Learn what is mindfulness and how to bring it to yourself and to your team
  • Understand the value of cognitive sciences & AI to enable mindfulness
  • See how peace of mind can come from KPIs and Dashboards and the impact it can have on sales productivity and improved focus

The Predictive Pipeline: How to Drive Smarter Sales Why B2B Sales Professionals Need a Sales Community

Mark Birch, Founder of the Enterprise Sales Forum (ESF), knows how important B2B sales are to growing our global economy. With over twenty ESF communities globally from Toronto to NYC to Singapore and London. thousands of sales professionals and leaders are finding a local community to share ideas, learn critical skills, and gain inspiration from a network of peers.

Mark and Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder of SalesChoice, discuss their concerns about growing proclamations of the demise of the B2B Sales Professional, and the disturbing lack of productivity gains in the B2B Sales profession and leading to billions in lost revenue. In this fireside chat, they plan to address the following questions and answer yours too.

Why hasn’t B2B Sales Productivity improved in recent years?

Why is the Enterprise Sales Forum important for sales professionals?

What topics most interest members of the Enterprise Sales Forum?

What will we see change in B2B Sales over the next 12 months?

How do you see AI and Augmented Intelligence impacting B2B Sales?

AI Powered Personal Assistance in Operational and Sales Excellence

According to an IBM report, 90% of the world’s data was created in the past two years. The majority of organizations find themselves working for the data, instead of the data working for them.

This is why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the strongest technological wave in our lifetime. It’s the only technology that can overcome this Tsunami. SalesChoice, a Toronto-based predictive and prescriptive AI analytics expert in sales has partnered with Okapi, an Israel-based AI expert in KPI driven operational excellence. Okapi and SalesChoice customers get meaningful data-driven insights in real time, providing a personal assistant for their entire team.

In this webinar, Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder & CEO of SalesChoice hosts Iris Tsidon, Co-Founder of Okapi discuss:

• The business imperatives driving AI-personal assistance growth
• The power of 360-KPI unification to align business goals
• Case study results of both SalesChoice and Okapi’s customer experiences
• The benefits of implementing AI for operational and sales excellence – today!

This session will be of most interest if you are using Salesforce combined with any leading ERP platform. Join us to learn how the two companies create an AI powerhouse for your organization, bringing together the world’s first 7X24 AI personal assistance to improve operational and sales business goals.

Path To Closure – Developing a Proven Sales Forecasting Process

Want to learn an amazingly simple and effective new methodology of accurate sales forecasting?

In this webinar we bring together senior sales and marketing leaders from Chief Outsiders and SalesChoice to discuss how to master a sales forecasting process using innovative approaches, balancing commitments with the voice of the customer, and leveraging predictive forecasting AI methods.

Saleschoice  brings together three sales gems to share with you a proven sales forecasting process called Path To Closure.

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice, in a fireside chat, Karen Hayward, Managing Partner and CMO of a leading marketing professional firm, Chief Outsiders, HQ in CA. Karen has previously held roles as a VP at Xerox and EVP & CMO at CenterBeam. In addition, we are joined by Dr. Kevin Francis, former CEO and Chairman, Xerox, and former CEO of Centerbeam, successfully sold to Earthlink.

The benefits from attending this session are:  

  • Learn about a powerful new methodology for customer enrollment called “Path to Closure”
  • Keep your sales deals, moving in the right direction to achieve your sales forecasts
  • Master the Timing and the Momentum of the Deal
  • Appreciate how AI Predictive Analytics Forecasting Methods can achieve Predictable forecasts

Dr. Cindy Gordon introduces SalesChoice Inc., Karen Hayward who is the Managing Partner and CMO of a leading marketing professional firm, Chief Outsiders, HQ in CA and Dr. Kevin Francis, former CEO and Chairman, Xerox, and former CEO of Centerbeam, successfully sold to Earthlink. Kevin further imparts knowledge on the importance of sales forecasting and strongly believes in combining two approaches – Path to Closure and Making Sales a Science.  

Karen Hayward share key takeaways about her methodology which her organizations have been applying for the past 25 years. Path to closure was developed to achieve forecast accuracy with a process that could be used by any member of Salesforce and captures the voice of the prospect. Key benefits include mutual understanding between rep and prospect an expectation and timeframe, sales cycle on track, document for use during follow up calls, and better and accurate forecasting. She further closes the loop with a case study  on Xerox Canada.

Dr. Cindy Gordon elaborates on the value of AI driven Predictive Forecasting and then closes the loop with a case study on RelationEdge. The focus at SalesChoice is to analyze the data in the CRM infrastructure and based on the data volume and data quality, SalesChoice is able to predict with 95% accuracy at beginning of the sales gates. Dr. Kevin Francis further bookends the discussion on the best practices, his forecasting winning more check list and gems he has learn’t in the sales forecasting process.

Predicting customer renewals & churn using AI driven insights

The most successful subscription businesses are using predictive machine learning algorithms to convert new customers, increase revenue per customers, and maximize retention.

In this webinar, we’re bringing together 3 experts in SaaS to share with you leading best practices used in the Subscription Economy.

Dr. Cindy Gordon wrote the first book on SaaS with Subra Iyar, the founder of WebEx, called “Why buy the Cow?”. Cindy interviews Matthew Darrow, VP & GM at Zuora, and Dr. Carl Gold, Chief Data Scientist at Zuora to discuss:

  • The Subscription Economy Index: Compares revenue growth of subscription businesses to sales for companies in the S&P 500 and U.S. retail sales
  • Data Science 101: The metrics-first methodology that makes predictions interpretable and actionable by any department within an organization
  • Zuora Insights: Leverages predictive engagement and churn scores to uncover new growth opportunities and proactively minimize churn risk before it happens
  • SalesChoice’s Predictive Analytics and AI Insights: The AI/ML empowerment that predicts the future outcomes of sales cycles on mid to large company data sets and prescribe insights in Salesforce.

Dr. Cindy Gordon introduces SalesChoice Inc. & sets the stage for the webinar. Followed by Matthew Darrow and Dr. Carl Gold, Vice-President and Chief Data Scientist of Zuora. Matthew further elaborates about the subscription economy.

Dr. Cindy Gordon further talks about Predictive Churn Market Dynamics as churn is reduced by AI insights and understanding data sciences offer augmented intelligence for better performances and calculated best actions. Zuora, as Matt explains helps customers with productized solutions by computing your most valuable leading indicators for conversion, expansion, and retention. Dr. Carl Gold, Chief Data Scientist of Zuora, takes us through predictive scoring approaches – Churn Profitability and Engagement Score and  Zuora Churn Experiences

Dr. Cindy Gordon talks about SalesChoice, our genesis in Predictive Forecasting and the Use Case  of Global Manufacturing Imaging Solutions. SalesChoice was able to predict 90% predictive churn accuracy overall and identify over 20 companies to churn risk valued at over $100 mn risk. It connects to 11,000 databases of B2B businesses and global datasets to drive insights. Matthew further provides us with key insights from Zuora and why predictive churn in the Subscription Economy is a Business Imperative.

Dr. Cindy Gordon, Matthew Darrow, and Dr. Carl Gold discuss key audience questions at the end of the webinar.

The Webinar was hosted by Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder and CEO of SalesChoice Inc., Matthew Darrow and Dr. Carl Gold, Vice President and Chief Data Scientist of Zuora respectively.

Power of building smarter Salesforce dashboards

Back by popular demand, Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder of SalesChoice, an AI and Predictive Analytics Sales Software Company, and Rich Benci, President of Provide Insight, Advanced Data Sciences, Professional Solutions firm discuss the power of building smarter Salesforce dashboards, using Wave and Predictive Analytics.

This webinar will discuss the:

1.) Value of KPI Dashboarding and Best Practices,

2.) Power of Salesforce’s Wave Analytics,

3.) Value of Predictive Analytics (Predictive Sales, Predictive Pricing, Predictive Churn),

4.) Wave and Predictive Dashboards Use cases, and

5.) Implementation Success Factors.

Dr. Cindy Gordon introduces Saleschoice Inc. & sets the stage for the webinar. Followed by Rich Benci, Co-Founder and President of Provide Insight LLC, a strategic alliance of SalesChoice Inc. Rich introduces the Power of Salesforce Dashboards using wave analytics.

Dr. Cindy Gordon and Rich Benci share key takeaways to create a killer dashboard by touching on market dynamics, the value of KPI dashboarding, the power of Salesforce’s Wave Analytics, designing killer dashboards, the value of predictive analytic (Predictive Sales, Prescriptive pricing, Predictive churn) and our company’s analytics approach.

Dr. Cindy Gordon and Rich Benci discuss key audience questions at the end of the webinar.

The Webinar was hosted by Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder and CEO of SalesChoice Inc. and Rich Benci, Co-Founder and President of Provide Insight LLC.

Is Your Sales Organization ready for Predictable Revenue?

Dr. Cindy Gordon and Aaron Ross in an informative Fireside Chat Webinar discuss:

  • What does Predictable Revenue mean?
  • What are the high impact Predictable Revenue approaches?
  • How can Predictable Revenue enable a more robust Sales Machine?
  • What does the future have in store for Predictable Revenue?

Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder & CEO introduces SalesChoice Inc. & sets the stage for the webinar. Followed by Aaron Ross, #1 Best Selling Author of ‘Predictable Revenue’, bringing the knowledge to the world stage through his Predictable University. His other notable books include ‘From Impossible to inevitable’.

Dr. Cindy Gordon and Aaron Ross share highlights and big ideas like the resurgence of prospects that cover the large part of the book. She further reflects on Predictable Revenue practices learned at big companies like Xerox and Accenture and SMB companies, mistakes companies make in implementing Predictable Revenue strategies and what does the future hold. A more robust Sales Machine?

Dr. Cindy Gordon and Aaron Ross discuss key audience questions at the end of the webinar.

The webinar was hosted by Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder and CEO of SalesChoice Inc. and Aaron Ross, Founder and President of Predictable University.

Data Science Readiness Webinar

In the world of CRM Data – How Ready are you?

Would you like to evaluate your level of data science readiness to drive top line growth and reduce customer churn?

This webinar is designed for C-level decision makers who are responsible for CRM practices and are living the realities of data overload and demands for finding your hidden gems with actionable insights.

This webinar will provide you with proven steps to implement the data science strategy and the specific use cases to be discussed are: 

  • Pipeline coverage optimization practices
  • Forecasting accuracy
  • Micro-segmentation for marketing innovation
  • Usage of Sales Bot for 7×24 sales coaching
  • Customer service churn avoidance

Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder and CEO introduces SalesChoice Inc., and sets the stage for the webinar. Followed by Rich Benci, Co-Founder and President of Provide Insight LLC., a strategic alliance of SalesChoice Inc. Rich introduces then Data Sciences Readiness Framework, and reviews a case study that leverages Data Sciences.

Dr. Cindy Gordon shares some highlights from our global research and provides insights into what separates Data Science Readiness leaders from laggards i.e.:

  • Investment in Data Science Leadership,
  • Clear needs, goals and process,
  • Enabling technology and Solution Infrastructure relevant to the pain points, and
  • Have the relevant skills and know how to use data sciences effectively (Build or BUY).

Dr. Cindy Gordon reviews a short case study of RelationEdge, a SalesForce Certified SI Partner, with coast to coast coverage in the USA, primarily helping companies design and successful Salesforce deployments. Cindy also illustrates proven best practices to rapidly bring client value to diverse industry sectors. In addition, the services provided by SalesChoice and Provide Insight are highlighted.

Dr. Cindy Gordon and Rich Benci discuss key audience questions at the end of the webinar.

The Webinar was hosted by Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder and CEO of SalesChoice Inc. and Rich Benci, Co-Founder and President of Provide Insight LLC.

State of Data Sciences: Predictive Analytics in Sales

This research was undertaken by Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder, SalesChoice Inc., a leading SaaS Predictive and Prescriptive Sales and Marketing Analytics company, with research leadership from Dr. Anthony Wensley, Professor, The University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management. The research has been further sponsored by IT World Canada, The Canadian Channel Chiefs Council, Obero SPM and the Computer Dealer Network.

To get a copy of the report, please click here.

Dr. Anthony Wensley

The Predictive Pipeline: How to Drive Smarter Sales

Did you know that high performing sales teams are 3.5x more likely to be currently using sales analytics?

The amount of data available to sales organizations has grown exponentially in recent years. Amid the data explosion, however, companies have struggled to make sense of it all.

Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring SalesChoice and Macadamian Technologies to understand how they use predictive sales analytics to make data-driven decisions that accelerate their revenue growth and win rates.

Learn how sales analytics will help you:

* Identify which deals are most likely to convert
* Gain complete visibility across your pipeline
* Drive smarter sales insights and faster decisions
* Share real-time dashboards with your entire sales team

See why 74% of sales leaders are using or will be using sales analytics in the next 18 months.

Julien Sauvage, Director of Product Marketing, Sales Wave Analytics at SalesForce introduces how leading innovators like SalesChoice have joined the Analytics Cloud ecosystem to extend the use cases and bring their Predictive technology to the mix.

Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder and CEO Introduces SalesChoice, and how we help companies prioritize, predict and pace their sales operations by creating a seamless experience using either our predictive engine with a lite BI experience and or by integrating with comprehensive BI platforms  like SalesForce Wave. 

Dinesh Kandanchatha, Managing Director, Macadamian Technologies Shares his customer xperience of how SalesChoice Insight Engine introduced empirical evidence (accurate predictions at 85%) to help prioritise and provide insights on current sales opportunities against historical opportunity profiling

Julien Sauvage demonstrates the comprehensive sales analytics- BI experience in the first-ever SalesChoice-Wave Integrated product demo.

Dr. Cindy Gordon, Dinesh Kandanchatha and Julien Sauvage take audience questions at the end of the webinar, to talk about the future of SalesChoice and Wave Integration.

The Chief Channel Officer: Takes on the Omni Channel Data Science Officer Role

Dr.Cindy Gordon defines the significance of Big Data: Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics and explores why the Science of Selling using advanced data sciences such as artificial intelligence, text mining and machine learning can give Chief Channel Officers insights on what channels are doing, what is surging in real time on channel interests they are servicing, or what customer trends are emerging that can create lead capacity for reseller channels.

She evaluates the impact on making sales a science, with a brief of a leading research conducted by SalesChoice on the Changing role of the Chief Channel Officer and increasing needs for know-how in Data Sciences to advance channel coverage strategies.

Cindy discusses the rise of Big Data, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics and how they are the new must have competency on a CCO’s roster.

This webinar explores the evolving role of the Chief Channel Officer (and by extension, Chief Revenue Officers) and their use of Data Sciences to better manage Channel Sales.

Bernie, VP of Global Marketing, SalesChoice interviews Dr. Cindy Gordon, about the following topics:

  1. What are some of the benefits in using Analytics, in particular predictive?
  2. 4 Types of Analytics capabilities
  3. What are some of the key enablers of Predictive Analytics?
  4. What is the Opportunity for a Chief Channel Officer?
  5. How do I secure a Data Sciences baseline against leading practices?
  6. Use Case- Macadamia Technologies

How Predictive Analytics Gives Professional Services a Competitive Edge

Dr. Cindy Gordon interviews Macadamian Technologies Managing Director Dinesh Kandanchatha on the challenges of the Professional Services marketplace and how predictive analytics has become an integral part of Macadamian’s approach to assessing business opportunities, managing sales costs and increasing profitable revenue.

The full 30-Minute video covers current marketplace challenges and predictive analytics trends plus Dinesh handling questions from Cindy and the audience. Parts Two and Three break out the questions as separate video subsets.

Full Webinar covering the challenges facing Chief Revenue Officers in Professional Services and Macadamian’s experience and learnings with the SalesChoice solution.

Interview topics include: the Macadamian sales challenge and the problem they were looking to solve, how Saleschoice fits into their sales process, lessons learned and more.

Audience Questions include: what cost savings were achieved, skills required to use Predictive Analytics, skepticism around machine learning, required fields in SalesForce.

Making Sense of Predictive Analytics

Learn how predictive analytics is shaping the future of sales. See how companies achieve breakthrough results using predictive analytics. Gain increased confidence in how these advanced sales tools can help you increase your conversion odds to win more.

Why Chief Revenue Officers will value Chief Data Scientists

– Data Sciences Growth Trends
– Shifting Role of CRO’s and Data Value to Upsell and Cross Sell,
– Old World vs New world approaches
– Skills needed for Chief Data Officers, what works, what does not