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Big Data & Analytics – Market Report 2019 by Sampford Advisors

In 2018, despite fewer rounds, dollars invested remained high at US$2.7bn due to 35+ mega rounds  (>US$20mm). 2019 is predicted to see fewer new entrants in the funded club, as the industry continues to mature and existing players continue to soak up the majority of new funding. SalesChoice features as one of the broad based Predictive Analytics / AI software for the Enterprise in this report by Sampford Advisors.

Why AI Predictive Sales Analytics Will Close the B2B Sales Productivity Gap: Top 3 Lessons

There has never been a more difficult time to be a B2B Sales Professional. Productivity ratios have declined to less than 33% of focus time on customer relevant activities. We are expecting some major organizational shifts as the new regulatory AI frameworks for Explainable AI vs Black Box AI start to hit the market. The companies that get this right as the data tsunami waves accelerate, will survive, while others could simply perish for not recognizing that Data is the new Oxygen fueling everything we do and know – not only in business but also in our personal lives.

Is Your C-Suite Ready for the AI Revolution?

The global artificial intelligence market is expected to grow from USD $21.46 Billion in 2018 to USD $190.61 Billion by 2025. This new major market challenges our current methods and demands leaders and organizations that are prepared to work in an exponentially smarter, digital world.

To help leaders prepare to positively embrace this new reality, Bedford Group & SalesChoice Inc. invited a select group of CEOs and CHROs to attend two days of stimulating roundtable discussions on Readiness to Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Competitive Advantage.

Trusted AI is Imperative to the future of Business and Society. Are you ready?

AI is here, and the time is now for Canadian leaders to embrace the transformative potential of AI integration and new technologies to enhance the efficiency, profitability and discovery of actionable solutions to global sustainability challenges facing our world. This report summarizes the key insights and recommendations shared by the speakers around their experiences with AI, and the group discussions on relevant leadership actions to implement in the short-term for long-term benefits.

Best Practices for Predictive AI Revenue Forecasting

Predictive Revenue Forecasting software tools have proven to be valuable to sales professionals empowering them to focus more on doing the right things versus the wrong things. With the advent of advance artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools, predictive sales forecasting accuracy is in every B2B’s company’s reach. This white paper discusses ten best practices in utilizing sales data, managing people and leveraging sales process that can help sales leaders get the best outlook on their sales forecasts

Staying Relevant: What Every C-Suite Leader Must Know About AI Readiness

AI is a strategic market that cannot be ignored, as it is slated to grow at a CAGR of 36.62% to US$190.61 billion by 2025. The challenge is no longer in realizing how important AI is but more relevant is applying and sustaining. This white paper has defined what AI is, what makes it so valuable and what the central tenets are for organizations to become AI Ready.

Accounting Evolved: Why Every CFO & Accounting Leader Needs AI to Stay Relevant

AI acceleration will demand skill and competency development for both CFO’s and Accountants. While financial leaders have been using technology for many years to improve what they do so they can deliver more value to businesses, AI offers a new method to improve the quality of business and investment decisions.

Analyzing Customer Churn Using Predictive Analytics

Customer Churn modeling helps you identify which of your customers are likely to stop engaging with your business. The model refers to an algorithm that takes historical data of your customers and outputs a probability of churn or a cancellation for each customer. These are recorded and observed by the data scientist over a period of time, and helps build a stronger model. This white paper discusses combating churn by building predictive AI models that accurately identify and predict customer churn

Why Does the CEO Need Predictive Analytics to Grow?

Yield Efficiency of sales professionals needs to be a #1 goal for all CEOs to be more involved in. Your company’s topline revenue growth is dependent on it. It is time to unlock new possibilities using Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics.

Why Predictive Analytics is the new Sales GPS?

What if there was a better way to win more and work more effectively with a sales tool that was always chirping away, like a GPS does when you drive on the road, saying things in sales coaching Siri Speak.

Our Now World – Everything Connected and Predictive

The development of Big Data and the promise of connecting the dots is now big business. The challenge of the data explosion is finding productive pathways to process the data, identify patterns and then through this analytical “sense making” process glean new insights for effective action.

Unleashing the Value of Predictive Analytics in Insurance

Predictive analytics can transform how insurance companies do business, but realizing its potential requires thoughtful leadership and organizational transformation changes.

Four Eras of CRM Selling: Why Big Data and Predictive Analytics will unlock the Science of Selling

This chapter examines the evolution of selling, as well as the software solutions that sales professionals have been using to support customer  relationship management (CRM) practices.