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End Revenue Uncertainty for Human Advantage

That is our customer promise. Over the years, our customers have helped us build the easiest and most comprehensive AI insights platform for sales and employee engagement analytics.

We work together to deliver AI and Advanced Data Science solutions for our customers, guided by our core values:

We make data speak, transparently.
We view our customers as precious.
We have the courage to innovate.
We have a passion for growth.
We believe in collaborative teamwork.
We value our inclusive community.

Why What We Do is Important

Decline in sales productivity and employee churn costs companies at least $1 trillion every year!


Only 15% of CRO’s are confident they can achieve their revenue plans


40-60% of middle tier sales professionals do not meet their plans


Attention spans have dropped by 50% in the last ten years


Sales Forecasting Inaccuracies are increasing by 20-30%

Sustainability Policy

Our sustainability policy focuses on reducing the environmental impact of our business as a SaaS company and encouraging our stakeholders to do so. Our employees follow these values in operation and responsibly dispose of our e-waste. As a cognitive sciences company aiming to create a better and collaborative future, we remain committed to ensuring a healthy and sustainable planet for future generations.

We are Service Oriented

  • Everyone at SalesChoice is committed to deliver the very best in client service and value to our clients.
  • We will train our people and everyone in our firm to deliver excellent, quality and timely service – with an attitude of passion and service excellence.
  • We will immediately address any client service issues that arise on your account.
  • Although you can make contact with us at any time, you can contact our leadership team, at any time to address your questions, or concerns regarding any aspect of our Customer Service Promise.

We are Accessible

  • We are available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in person Eastern Time
  • We are available via our customer support line
  • We assure you that you will speak to a person who will identify themselves and courteously assist you in reaching the person you are calling.
  • We will return your phone calls and emails promptly, no later than by 5:00 p.m. the next business day.
  • Each SalesChoice representative will provide their necessary contact information so you can reach them easily.
  • We will train our employees so that more than one person can handle your inquiry on any given issue.

We are Responsive

  • Our team can be mobilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of a major service disruption.
  •  We will listen to your goals and objectives and respond to your needs courteously.
  • We are open to customizing our service for you.
  • We will provide you with appropriate recommendations based on your business.
  • We will discuss strategy and tactics with you before taking any action on your behalf.
  • Your account will receive continual review and attention from our staff.


January, 2024: SalesChoice Launches Organizational MRI Tool MoodInsights™ in Partnership with the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network
January, 2024: SalesChoice Achieves Outstanding 8/10 Rating on FinancesOnline
March, 2024: Dr. Cindy Gordon Recognized As A Female Trailblazer Of SaaS By Software Equity Group
April, 2024: New Navigator Report Illuminates the Path for Purposeful Technology Adoption in the Post-Pandemic Era
April, 2024: SalesChoice Inc. Recognized as a Key Player in the Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market
May, 2024: SalesChoice and HACE partner to launch a white paper on “Why Diversity Equity and Inclusion Leaders Must Lead in AI
June, 2024: Read about Dr. Cindy Gordon’s Unbreakable Story: A Journey of Resilience, Leadership, and Innovation Sustainability here.
June, 2024: SalesChoice Inc. Welcomes Steven Birdsall to Board of Advisors.
January, 2023: SalesChoice has been profiled by Richland Chronicle in their latest “Sales Analytics Software Market” report.
January, 2023: SalesChoice Wins top business excellence award in the world, THE BIZZ AWARDS 2023 by The World Confederation of Business (WORLDCOB).
May, 2023: SalesChoice Recognized as a Key Player in the Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market.
June, 2023: Dr. Cindy Gordon Recognized as the Honorary Post Graduate Applied AI Solution Development Recipient for George Brown College 2023.
July, 2023: SalesChoice Receives Recognition in Global Sales Forecasting Software Market Report.
July, 2023: Dr. Cindy Gordon, SalesChoice CEO, Recognized as an Influential CEO in Sales Automation.
October, 2023: USAII® Appoints Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice, Inc., as Advisor to Its Board of Advisors.
December, 2023: SalesChoice Featured as Leading Player in Sales Analytics Software Market Growth
December, 2023: SalesChoice Recognized as a Key Player in the Sales Analytics Software Market Insights and Forecast Report
January, 2022: SalesChoice expands its Marketing Team expertise with senior product marketing and customer experience software user design skills.
January, 2022: SalesChoice Founder and CEO is writing for Forbes on AI and Ethics to increase board director and senior leadership skills in AI and digital transformation
February, 2022 : SalesChoice profiled in the Oxford Spokesman as a leading AI Software Sales Solution Provider
March 2022: Dr. Gordon, Founder, SalesChoice, identified as one of the top AI Global Leaders by Onalytica.
March 2022: SalesChoice profiled as a leading vendor in the software forecasting market by Credible Markets.
April, 2022: SalesChoice successfully launched Mood Insights App with OCI and Purolator supported by the Minister of Transportation, Caroline Mulroney in April 2022. SalesChoice seeking new BETA accounts interested in Health First Goals, enabled by AI Intelligence.
April, 2022: Introhive and SalesChoice join forces to provide a holistic view of customer intelligence and sales forecasting within the Salesforce ecosystem.
May, 2022: SalesChoice Featured as a “Major Player in the Sales Analytics Software Market” by Persistence Market Research.
June, 2022: SalesChoice Featured as a “Major Player in the Sales Forecasting Software Market” by MR Accuracy.
June, 2022: SalesChoice Featured as a “Key Player in the Sales Analytics Solution Market”  by Digital Journal.
June, 2022: Simon Fraser University’s VentureLabs partners with Toronto Metropolitan University’s Diversity Institute, Magnet and SalesChoice to create the DAT App.
July, 2022: SalesChoice featured as One of the Key Players in Sales Forecasting Software Market by Verified Market Research and featured in This is Ardee.
August, 2022: SalesChoice featured as One of the Top 10 Most Revenue Management Solution Providers by Xplorex IT Magazine.
August, 2022: Dr. Cindy Gordon,  shortlisted for thePrestigious Entrepreneur of the Yearcategory by DiversityIQ – Women in IT Awards USA 2022. 
August, 2022: Dr. Cindy Gordon,  shortlisted for the “Entrepreneur of the Year category by DiversityIQ – Women in IT Awards Canada 2022.
September, 2022: SalesChoice Featured as aKey Player in the Predictive Sales Analytics Market” by The Sports Forward
September, 2022SalesChoice Featured as a “Major Player in the Predictive Sales Analytics Market” by MarketPrimes
September, 2022: SalesChoice Featured as a “Top Key Player in the Sales Forecasting Software Market” on The Express Wire
September, 2022: SalesChoice Featured as a “Key Player in the Sales Forecasting Software Market” by Fighting Hawk
October, 2022: Dr. Cindy Gordon,  awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year by Women in IT Awards Canada 2022. 
November, 2022: SalesChoice featured as one of the “Key Players in the Sales Analytics Solution Market” by Kitsap Veterans Life.
November, 2022: SalesChoice featured as one of the “Top companies Influencing the Sales Analytics Software Market” by Digital Journal.
November, 2022: SalesChoice Featured as a “Key Player in the Sales Forecasting Software Market” by C Drone.
November, 2022: SalesChoice Featured as one of the “Key Players in the Sales Analytics Software Market” by Skegness Siren.
December, 2022: SalesChoice Featured as one of the “Top Players in the Sales Forecasting Software Market” by Express Wire.
December, 2022: SalesChoice Featured as a “Leading Player in the Sales Forecasting Software Market
December, 2022: SalesChoice Featured as one of the “Key Players in the Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market” by ReportsnReports.
December, 2022: SalesChoice was recently profiled as one of the “Top Key Players in the Sales Analytics Software Market” by Express Wire.
December, 2022SalesChoice was recently profiled as one of the “Leading Players in the Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market” by Islamic Business & Finance.
March, 2021: SalesChoice expands its data science and engineering team with key new hires
April, 2021: SalesChoice wins the 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards for the “Most Outstanding AI-Based Sales Analytics Platform 2021 – Canada”, awarded by the UK-based AI Global Media Ltd.’s Corporate Vision Magazine
May, 2021: SalesChoice featured in the 2021 Sales Mastery AI-for-Sales Solutions Guide
June, 2021: SalesChoice Secures AVIN Grant from Ontario Centers of Innovation (OCI) to build an AI Mood Health App and Partners with Purolator CIO, Ricardo Costa
July, 2021: SalesChoice Platinum Tier One Customer : Purolator CIO Ricardo Costa Wins ITWC CIO of the Year Award and Recognizes SalesChoice – see video.
January, 2020 – SalesChoice recognized by EnterpriseTech Innovators as a Top 20 Tech Company for 2020
February, 2020 – SalesChoice awarded an Ontario Center of Excellence (OCE) Innovation Grant sponsored by IBM to develop NLP driven Relationship Analytics
March, 2020 – SalesChoice moves to 100% remote office work under the impact of Covid-19.
June, 2020 – SalesChoice becomes a new IBM Business Partner.
August, 2020 – SalesChoice advances its Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) practice solving complex use cases like VIP customer detection and profit maximization.
November, 2020 – Ian Locke, Board Advisor, joins as the Chief Business Development Officer.
December, 2020 – SalesChoice launches its new branding and website, positioned around the promise of Ending Revenue Uncertainty.
January, 2019 –  SalesChoice develops Account scoring and Activity Tracking features with a tier one USA recruiting firm.
March, 2019 – Malay Upadhyay promoted to Chief Customer Experience Officer.
June 2019 – SalesChoice wins the Mindbridge AI Impact Leader of the Year Award.
April, 2018 – SalesChoice recognized among The 10 Best Performing Sales Management Solution Providers by Insights Success.
May, 2018 – Joe Deklic, Head of Strategic Account & Federal Sales at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., joins SalesChoice Board of Advisors.
August, 2018 – SalesChoice wins the 2018 Digital Transformation Award for AI Disruption.
September, 2018 – Malay Upadhyay, Director of Marketing & Strategic Alliances, assumes Chief Marketing Officer Role.
October, 2018 – Thomas Burghardt, Director of Engineering, promoted to Chief Technical Officer.
October, 2018 – Dr. Cindy Gordon wins Wise 50 over 50 Award for Entrepreneurship.
November, 2018 – SalesChoice secures Tier One logistics client to validate another industry category.
January, 2017 – Digiday, Media Industry Leader HQ in NY, validates SalesChoice Value in a case study.
February, 2017 – SalesChoice secures Tier One Canadian Telecom in a case study validation.
April, 2017 – Insight Success recognizes SalesChoice as one of the Top 30 Most Innovative Companies
May, 2017 – Malay Upadhyay joins as Director of Marketing & Strategic Business Development.
May, 2017 – SalesChoice wins Great User Experience and Rising Star Award by Finances Online.
May, 2017 – Dr. Cindy Gordon receives the CATA & EY Sara Kirke Award for Outstanding CEO Innovation and Community Leadership.
June, 2017 – Predictive Analytics Insight EngineTM new features: data quality monitoring and opportunity history analytics.
July, 2017 – SalesChoice recognized as Silicon Top 100 company by Silicon Review.
July, 2017 – Dr. Cindy Gordon recognized in Top 30 Most Creative CEOs to Watch by Insight Success.
August, 2017 – Dr. Cindy Gordon wins Regional Startup Canada Entrepreneur Award.
September, 2017 – Dr. Cindy Gordon recognized as a Best Tech Leader Finalist at Toronto’s Timmy Awards.
October, 2017 – Dr. Cindy Gordon wins BDC’s Canada National Startup Canada Entrepreneur Award
December, 2017 – SalesChoice awarded Hot Vendor Award in Sales Enablement by Aragon Research.
December, 2017 – SalesChoice partners with EY producing an executive video series on Managing the Risks of AI.
December, 2017 – SalesChoice launches the AI Directory, a Global AI Community, in partnership with CATA and IT World Canada.
January, 2016 – Dr. Kevin Francis former Chairman and CEO, Xerox Canada joins Board of Advisors
February, 2016 – Bill Green, former President CDC Software, former Salesforce Executive and currently SVP Sales North American for Descartes, joins SalesChoice Board of Advisors.
April, 2016 – Forrester, a leading global analyst firm, profiles SalesChoice as a Vendor to Watch
May, 2016 – Top 25 Canadian Company Recognition from local Tie Quest Pitch
June, 2016 – Predictive Analytics Insight EngineTM New Feature: Responsible AI – Audit Validation
June, 2016 – CIO Review recognizes SalesChoice as a Top 25 Most Promising Start-Up Sales Software Company
July, 2016 – Ian Locke, an experienced VC, CEO, joins Board of Advisors.
August, 2016 – Strategic Alliance with RelationEdge, Gold-Certified Salesforce SI and Case Study validation.
September, 2016 – Silicon Review profiles SalesChoice as a Top 50 Most Innovative Software Compan
September, 2016 – Gartner Group profiles SalesChoice as a Predictive Analytics Software Innovator.
September, 2016 – SalesChoice recognized by ITEnterprise as Most Empowering Data Analytics Company.
September, 2016 – SalesChoice secures domain: SellySays.com, for enabling Emojis, an animated coaching layer.
October, 2016 – IDC profiles SalesChoice as an emerging AI Sales Guided Selling market leader.
October, 2016 – Silicon Review profiles SalesChoice as a Top 50 Smartest Company.
July, 2011 – SalesChoice Incorporated Dr. Cindy Gordon and Alex Blom, Co-Founder
January, 2012 – SaaS Sales Enablement CRM product developed, simplified experience (less key strokes).
February, 2012 – Basic CRM Product Beta Testing in a leading Canadian Telecom Retail Provider.
July, 2012 – Co-Founder, Alex Blom leaves SalesChoice to found Isle of Code and Dr. Cindy Gordon assumes CEO role.
August, 2012 – Decision to pivot into AI Predictive Sales SaaS Software Market
August, 2012 – USA Patent filed on SalesChoice’s AI Insight EngineTM by Norton Rose Fulbright
September, 2012 – Dr. Yannick Lallement, Chief Data Scientist, recruited to head up R&D AI Innovation
March, 2013 – Research and Development, Alpha and Beta Release Testing with diverse customers.
January, 2014 – Software Integration with Salesforce App Exchange to extend market reach.
March, 2014 – Garry Wood, former CEO Grand & Toy, joins as a Strategic Board Advisor.
April, 2014 – Predictive Analytics Insight EngineTM validated in a Tier One Global Software Provider
September, 2014 – Prescriptive Analytics Layer advances SalesChoice AI Insight Engine TM
January, 2015 – Decision to retire Basic CRM product to focus on Predictive Analytics Sales SaaS Solutions.
March, 2015 – Customer Reference Accounts secured in High Tech, and Professional Services markets.
April, 2015 – Dan Kagan, Head of DocuSign Canada, former VP Salesforce, joins Board of Advisors.
May, 2015 – Julien Sauvage, Director Product Marketing, Einstein Analytics, Salesforce joins as a Board Advisor
June, 2015 – Predictive Analytics Insight EngineTM; adds predictive forecasting functionality
September, 2015 – SalesChoice launches The Predictive AI World Forum, an educational center to help educate the market on AI Value