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Welcome to the blog of one of the top 10 technology companies in Canada, where you’ll find strategic insights written by our award-winning team of artificial intelligence thought leaders.


ITWC Digital Transformation Conference: Cindy Gordon on AI, Ethics and Performance

Accelerating Growth Using AI: A Focus On Relationship Intelligence- Blog 4/5 Series

Accelerating Growth Using AI: A Focus On Relationship Intelligence- Blog 3/5

AI Innovations Accelerated By Government And Business Leadership Fight Against COVID-19.


Accelerating Growth Using AI: A Focus On Relationship Intelligence- Blog 2/5 Series

Accelerating Growth Using AI – A Look At Complexity And The Metaverse : Blog Series 1/5

Advancing AI In Telecommunications: Where Are You In Your Modernization Strategy?

SalesChoice March Newsletter

SalesChoice helps RLDatix clock 91% accuracy in predicting wins

Dr. Cindy Gordon Featured in the Who’s Who in AI Influencer List by Onalytica

A women’s day message from SalesChoice CEO, Dr. Cindy Gordon

SalesChoice Featured as a “Leading Vendor in the Sales Forecasting Software Market”

SalesChoice a “Top Players in Global Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Marketplace” by Orbis Research, as featured on Construction News

February 2022 Newsletter

SalesChoice Featured as a “Major Player in the Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market” on The Oxford Spokesman

SalesChoice Featured as a “Key Market Player in the Global Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market”

January 2022 Newsletter

Ethical AI: A Perfect World Or A Perfect Storm? Blog 2

Ethical AI : A Perfect World Or A Perfect Storm Blog 1 Of 2

SalesChoice Featured as a “Major Player in the Sales Forecasting Software Market”

Driverless Cars And AI Ethics

Driverless Car Market Leaders Innovating The Transportation Industry

Transforming Big Data Initiatives Into AI Insights

SalesChoice Featured as a Leading Competitor in the Sales Forecasting Software Market

Covid-19 Causes Global Supply Chain Havoc Intensifying Last Mile Logistics Innovations

A Market to Harness: Speech Recognition Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovations On The Rise

December 2021 Newsletter

November 2021 Newsletter

SalesChoice Featured as a Major Player in the Global Sales Forecasting Software Market

Advancing AI Smarter Intelligence Everything In The Transportation And Logistics Industry – Industry Series: Blog #5

Advancing AI Drone Insights In The Transportation And Logistics Industry Series: Blog #5

SalesChoice Featured as Leading Player in Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market

Energy Siren Features SalesChoice as Key Player in the Sales Forecasting Software Industry.

Advancing AI Revenue Growth And Operations Insights In The Transportation And Logistics Industry – Industry Series: Blog #4

Advancing AI Emotion Sensors In The Transportation And Logistics Industry Series: Blog #3

Advancing AI Telematics In The Transportation And Logistics Industry Series: Blog #2

The Host Features SalesChoice as Key Player in the Sales Forecasting Software Market

October 2021 Newsletter

AI Innovations In Media And Communications

AI Innovations In Healthcare

Top 3 Duty Of Care Board And C-Suite AI Literacy Accountabilities

Top Players in Sales Analytics Software Market – A Report by Global Banking & Finance Review

Sales Forecasting Software Market to Showcase an Annual Healthy Growth Rate Over 2020-2025

What Are The Ethical Boundaries Of Digital Life Forever?

The Rise Of AI In The Transportation And Logistics Industry

The AI Dilemma

AI Innovations In Mining

Sales Forecasting Software Market Future Forecast Report by Competitor Segment

Why Do Board Directors And CEO’s Need To Value UN Sustainability Goal 10 – Reduce Inequality Within And Among Countries And How AI Can Help Or Hinder

September 2021 Newsletter

SalesChoice, in partnership with Purolator, received support from the Ontario government to commercialize a ground-breaking AI-powered driver health and safety solution.

August 2021 Newsletter

Why Do Board Directors And CEO’s Need To Value UN Sustainability Goal 9 – Innovation And Infrastructure?

July 2021 Newsletter

SalesChoice featured as one among the “Top 29 Predictive Analytics Startups and Companies in Toronto (2021)”

June 2021 Newsletter

Why Do Board Directors And CEOs Need To Value UN Sustainability Goal 5 ? – Achieve Gender Equality And Empower All Women And Girls

May 2021 Newsletter

SalesChoice joins the AI Partnerships Corporation

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, joins HR.com’s HR Metrics & Analytics Advisory Board

AI Is A Game Changer: PWC AI Predictions Report – A Forbes Article by Dr. Cindy Gordon

SalesChoice awarded the 2021 Corporate Excellence Award for the Most Outstanding AI-Based Sales Analytics Platform in Canada in AI Global Media Ltd.’s Corporate Vision Magazine

SalesChoice featured in SalesMastery’s 2021 “AI-for-Sales Solution” Guide

April 2021 Newsletter

Book Launch: The AI Dilemma – A Leadership Guide to Assess Enterprise AI Maturity & Explore AI’s Impact in Your Industry.

March 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter

New Global Community fills the gap sales leaders experience in finding help to conquer revenue uncertainty

January 2021 Newsletter

Ian Locke Joins the SalesChoice Leadership Team

Series: Building AI Brain Trust For Board Directors And CEOS – A Forbes Article

SalesChoice December Newsletter

Why Building An AI Brain Trust Of Leadership Skills Is Critical For Board Directors And CEOs – A Forbes Article

Building AI Brain Trust: What Leadership Skills Are Needed To Accelerate AI Adoption? – A Forbes Article

Dr. Cindy Gordon speaks at the Interzone Politik conference this Dec 3rd

SalesChoice November Newsletter

Dr. Cindy Gordon featured in ExoB2B’s Marketing Expertise: Our Top 20 of 2020 ranking

The Forbes School Of Business and Technology Leadership Virtual Summit, Featuring Dr. Cindy Gordon

What Will The Next AI Killer App Be Given Covid-19 Impacts? – A Forbes Article

Transforming Accounting With Artificial Intelligence: An Interview With Eli Fathi, CEO Mindbridge.ai

Why CyberSecurity And AI Are Top Governance Risks For Board Directors And CEOs? – A Forbes Article

Leadership Is About Learning From The World’s Best – A Forbes Article

Why CyberSecurity Budgets Need To Intensify Home Office Investments: A Major Security Gap In Duty Of Care Of CEOs And Board Directors? – A Forbes Article

How To Get CEOs And Board Directors Leading Right With AI. Start Applying Proven Adult Learning And Collective Intelligence Methods

Why Explainable AI Must Be Grounded In Board Director’s Risk Management Practices

Building a Marketing Career in Disruptive Technology: What Does it Take?

Where Is Your Global Organization At In Trusted AI? – A Forbes Article by Dr. Cindy Gordon

SalesChoice August Newsletter

Dr. Cindy Gordon Joins Forbes as an Artificial Intelligence Contributor

July 2020 Newsletter

SalesChoice Launches “Women Leading with AI & Analytics”, a Podcast Series, in Partnership with ITWC

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice, Joins the AI Forum Board of Advisors

Gartner underlines the need to ‘deploy AI guided selling capabilities to maximize every deal’

10 Leading CEOs and Leaders on Surviving Today & Thriving Post Covid-19

SalesChoice Inc. & Value Inspiration to Host a Webinar Series for Tech Leaders on Surviving Today & Thriving Post-Corona

April 2020 Newsletter

Letter from the CEO: SalesChoice Offer to Beat this Downturn

SalesChoice Inc. Increases its Sales Talent Coverage in USA – A Sales Leader’s Story Worth Reading 

SalesChoice Inc. showcased as a Remarkable Software Business in “The Remarkable Effect”, a book for Tech-Entrepreneurs “On-a-Mission.”

January 2020 Newsletter

Holidays 2019 Newsletter

Bridging the Gap at Work

July 2019 Newsletter

Canadians Waiting Too Long To Embrace AI

June 2019 Newsletter

The Business Imperative: Building a Trusted AI World

SalesChoice May 2019 Newsletter

Word from the CEO: SalesChoice at Collision 2019

SalesChoice March-April 2019 Newsletter

SalesChoice January-February 2019 Newsletter

The CEO Imperative: Building Trust in AI

Guest Post: How AI can help sales teams beat their numbers every month, quarter, year

Why CFO’s should own Advanced Analytics

How every CEO can mitigate risk and increase shareholder confidence in 2019?

SalesChoice December 2018 Newsletter

The Gaps in AI-Related Industries: A Dr. Diane Hamilton Radio Show Featuring Dr. Cindy Gordon

SalesChoice November 2018 Newsletter

Blog #6 – Part 2: Narrative Story Telling enhances Sales Performance

Stuck In The Past When You Can See the Future? B2B Sales Must Embrace AI Guided Selling Today or Be Left Behind!

Dr. Cindy Gordon Recognized by Wise 50 Over 50 awards

Championing a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

SalesChoice Welcomes Anastasia Valentine on its Board of Advisors

#1 Issue in Technology Industry is Not Enough Women in Tech and Keeping Them in Tech

SalesChoice August 2018 Newsletter

Versature Workplace Evolved Episode #14 “Keeping the Wind in Your Sales”

8 Parameters to Qualify AI Solutions

Editorial: The Story Behind SalesChoice Winning the AI Disruption Award 2018

SalesChoice Inc. Awarded Artificial Intelligence (AI) Disruptor Award

Why Sales Professionals Must Improve Their Data Science and Analytical Skills

Should Artificial Intelligence be part of the standard high school curriculum for all Canadians?

July 2018 Newsletter

The AI Directory Expands to China

Dr. Cindy Gordon joins CATA TechNow Digital Video Channel as an AI Personality

Achieving AI Supercluster Status Via AI Guided Selling Approaches: CATA Exclusive Webinar Invitation

The Future of Finance in a Digital World – What’s New and What’s Up Ahead

The AI Directory Expands to the U.S.A

Dr. Cindy Gordon Presents STEM Community Leadership Award to Doina Oncel, CEO of hEr VOLUTION at the IMPACT AI Conference

SalesChoice May 2018 Newsletter

SalesChoice is co-organizing the next Enterprise Sales Forum’s Toronto event to help sales leaders Futureproof their Sales Career with AI

SalesChoice April 2018 Newsletter

SalesChoice Welcomes Mr Joe Deklic on its Board of Advisors

Lars Goransson, Victoria Lennox, Steve Brar and Andra Popescu Join The AI Directory

SalesChoice Inc. recognized among “The 10 Best Performing Sales Management Solution Providers 2018”

Op-Ed for CATAAlliance | CEO Dr. Cindy Gordon’s Thoughts on the Importance of Leadership in AI

SalesChoice Launches the Predictive AI World Podcast Series

Tom Kane Joins SalesChoice Board Advisory Team

March 2018 Newsletter

New releases in the EY and SalesChoice video series on “Managing the Risks of AI”

Predictable Revenue: Using AI to Accelerate Top Line Revenue Growth

MINDFULNESS: A New Way Forward for Board Directors

SalesChoice launches new podcast series: Predictive AI World, Check out the first episode today Introduction to AI!

Difference between Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning- SalesChoice

How AI Will Change Work

Daly’s new book ‘Digital Sales Transformation in a Customer First World’ prepare us for the future of selling

Predictive AI Newsletter – July-August 2017

Predictive AI Insights Newsletter – June 2017

Why AI will solve Attention Deficit Disorder in Sales Professionals

Predictive AI Insights Newsletter – May 2017

Blog #7.2: AI and Trust are Key to Evolutionary Success

Guest Post by Straight North – Lead Validation in Internet Marketing

Blog #7.1: The Rise of AI

Blog #6.4: Narrative Storytelling for Sales – The Conclusion

Predictive Insights Newsletter

Blog #6.3: Merits of Story Telling and Introduction to Predictive Narrative

Blog #6.2: Narrative Storytelling Enhances Sales Performance

Blog #6.1: The Roots of Storytelling for Sales

SalesChoice Celebrating a Successful Year 2016 with our Customers & Partners

Blog #5: Why Cognitive Technologies will Transform our World as we know It

Blog #4: Deep Learning: The Rise of Cognitive Science Technology

Meet Selly Says: The World’s First AI Powered Sales GPS

Blog #3: Global Leaders: On the Innovation Edge

Blog #1: The History and Roots of Predictive Analytics

What is the Top Leadership Behavior for Sales Professionals?

What would Einstein Say to Sales Leadership?

Digiday Media Finds Success using SalesChoice’s Predictive Analytics and calls it the New Sales GPS

Value of Analytics Soars Among Sales Teams

Are you spending too much time researching and not enough selling?

SalesChoice – The New Sales GPS

SalesChoice Recognized as Leading Sales Management Software Provider

Sales & Digital Marketing: Prospecting and Platform

Sales & Digital Marketing Prospecting & Platform Technologies Event – MBOT

SalesChoice Inc. named in 25 Most Promising Startups by TieQuest Toronto

The Predictive Pipeline : SalesChoice integrates with SalesForce Wave : Market Announcement

The Predictive Pipeline Webinar – March 29th: 2PM

See how Predictive Analytics is Driving Smarter Sales: Webinar – March 29th 2:00 PM Join us

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice joins CATA Innovation Gala Panel to discuss Canada’s Innovation Imperative to create a WEOLOGY Nation


Canadian Women in Tech Get More Support with ManuLife Sponsorship

Modernizing Sales in the 21st Century

Countdown: The Big Data Analytics Global Book Project And Global Survey Project – Join Us

The Chief Channel Officer: Takes on the Omni Channel Data Science Officer Role

TechCrunch SalesStack Article Missing Predictive Analytics

Tangerine enters Partnership with CanWIT

Why Sales and Marketing Specialists will become Big Data Scientists

Meet The Predictions: Insights Engine

Siri Can Now Increase Your Win Rates

Book Launch: Strategic Data-Based Wisdom in the Big Data Era

The coming age of ubiquitous predictive analytics

Predictive analytics: Where is the beef?

Giving Business an Edge: Predictive Analytics and the Science of Selling

Making Smarter Decisions: Why Sales Prediction Analytics will challenge everything we know! Part Three

ItBusiness Covers SalesChoice and WorldLynx Wireless

Making Smarter Decisions: Why Sales Prediction Analytics will challenge everything we know (Part Two)

Making Smarter Decisions: Why Sales Prediction Analytics will challenge everything we know (Part One)

SalesChoice Receives Top 50 Momentum Ranking

SalesChoice is the easiest and most comprehensive
AI insights platform for sales analytics.

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