Last month, Rick Spence interviewed Dr Gordon about SalesChoice and the Science of Selling. We’ve pasted an excerpt below. See the full article here.

Cindy Gordon has been a banker, consultant, venture capitalist, and a national technology guru. Now she’s an entrepreneur running her own digital startup. What opportunity lured her onto the front lines? She says SalesChoice, which offers an easy-to-use sales-management alternative to market leader Salesforce, will leverage advanced math and predictive analysis to change the way companies sell. Her team’s ultimate goal: to win a Nobel Prize.

Q You’ve had numerous positions and pivots over the years. From Citicorp to Xerox to Accenture to XDL Intervest, as well as your own firm, Helix Commerce. How did this kind of career journey lead to you running a startup?

A I think curiosity would stand out as a hallmark of my career. I’ve always been an inquisitive spirit. I’ve always been able to see the future before it’s arrived. And I think when you’ve had experience working in companies, it gives you a good understanding of how to go and sell those thoughts to large corporations.

When I look back over my career, I was always given the change projects: new strategies and transformation agendas. So my whole career has been one of innovation. And startups are the edge of innovation.

Q So SalesChoice has two SaaS (software as a service) products: a specialized competitor to Salesforce, and a high-end analytics platform. How does your predictive analytics product see into the future?

A We just started coding last summer. We have eight data scientists working on this project. We’re full-funnel machine-to-machine analytics. Using the most advanced mathematics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, assessment analysis methods known to mankind, we analyze all your data in to help you make better sales forecasts.

We launched our beta-trial program in late January, and so far, every alpha trial we have had we’ve converted to a successful beta [i.e., paid accounts]. They’ve all gone on record as saying this is great. They have never had this kind of science at their fingertips before.

We’re trying to position ourselves as “The Science of Selling.”

Q How big is this problem you are trying to solve?

A It’s a daunting problem. From a business point of view, 38% to 50% of the Fortune 1000 are still having incredible difficulties in accurately predicting their sales forecasts. We have three generations of CRM madly connecting data, but they have not been connecting insights. We’ve got a patent filed, and we’re doing everything possible to bring this new science into the market.

One of our goals is see if we can win a Nobel Prize. You might as well be bold and brave, or go home. At this stage of your life, you’ve got to give it your all.