ZigaForm version 6.1.1

Account & Activity Insights

A. Introduction

Timely and effective action is everything in sales. It is what keeps the customer engaged and increases odds of closing new customers or preventing accounts from a churn loss. Keeping track of not only the frequency of client interactions, but also the types of interaction channels and understanding the impact of those interactions on nurturing, growing and converting clients is critical to increase top-line revenue growth of business models.

B. How Does It Work?

The SalesChoice Account Insights solution follows a multi-tiered analysis, providing real-time insights on the state of engagement by office, account executive and account in an integrated management dashboard to easily measure performance goals.

The insights include real-time visibility into not only the volume of activities – both past and upcoming – but also the contacts and sales opportunities associated to each account. The SalesChoice Insight EngineTM processes all the data insights to score the office/region/territory/account executive performance, and also reveals the best and worst performing accounts in each category. The account insights also provide a comparison of historic client value with ongoing and estimated values, revealing accounts at risk of churn and least influenced by AE’s activities and engagements.

C. Benefits for Your Sales Organization

The combination of account and activity insights not only improves the diligence of the sales team in managing relationships, but also the evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiencies of the sales team’s efforts. The combination of insights provides strategic insights on both healthy or unhealthy account dynamics.


D. Business Impact

Activity Efficiency: A direct correlation of activity levels by type with the pipeline drip helps sales teams understand what ways of engagement are more effective than others, what the engagement trends have been historically with an account, or who the most diligent and productive account executives, thereby providing coaching opportunities.

Account Retention: Decreasing pipeline contribution from an account in comparison to the past or an absence of engagements with an account are both indicative of reducing interest or relationship quality, which can lead to eventual churn. A sales team can respond by increasing the engagement levels, while also monitoring its effectiveness to increase the account’s score over time.