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Forecasting Insights

A. Introduction

More than 50% of sales reps miss their sales forecasts. Let’s face it: sales professionals are always overly optimistic. Without rigorous coaching inspection systems, accurate forecasting remains a challenge for every sales organization. What is the Price of a Miss? In public markets, the risk is shareholder confidence erosion, increasing employee dis-satisfaction, or CRO’s losing their jobs. Securing an accurate sales forecast requires diligence and clear insights, devoid of human bias. SalesChoice does this and so much more. Our clients sleep at night more easily, as they know they can count on us to help them deliver sales forecasts with up to 95% accuracy.


B. How Does It Work?

The SalesChoice Insight EngineTM predicts the odds of every opportunity closing in a given time period, based on unique signals in the data. These odds are then used to deliver an accurate forecast that can be instantly filtered by any time period, user, territory or other customizable parameters. The visibility is automatically defined by the user’s organizational hierarchy set up on Salesforce. The dashboard also allows the user to compare the forecast against any target number to assess the pipeline health. SalesChoice then self-audits its performance by revealing its prediction accuracy in real-time for every opportunity won or lost.

SalesChoice also reveals any anomaly with the close date estimates for an opportunity, flagging if the opportunity has been sitting in the pipe for too long or is unrealistically being estimated to close too soon. The forecasts can also be easily integrated with any Business Intelligence software.


C. Benefits for Your Sales Organization

  • Recognize and reduce risk across the deal lifecycle, for new sales and renewals
  • Increase your sales velocity and hit your revenue targets
  • Deliver a forecast you can bank on
  • Through the lens of AI, see your customers in a whole new way

Eliminate Sales Inefficiencies – AI modernization brings many benefits, especially by increasing your managers and reps’ focus and Sales IQ.SalesChoice’s forecasting simulation enables flexibility to view the big picture on expected revenue in any
condition – time, role, opportunity type etc.

  • It also enables future insight with forecast on the next consecutive time period.
  • The sales teams can seamlessly dig into every opportunity behind the forecast to understand why the numbers are what they are.
  • Meanwhile, managers can ensure that the reps put in realistic estimates of close dates for their opportunities.
  • The easy-to-use graphs allow managers to compare SalesChoice’s forecasts with their own, while also being able to assess the accuracy in real-time to know whether the AI can be trusted.


D. Business Impact

Improved forecast accuracy: Better close date estimates & forecast visibility into every aspect of sales allows managers and leaders to better plan their budget against expected revenue. Easy drill into suspicious opportunities allows timely corrective actions to improve the forecasts. Plus, SalesChoice’s unique and transparent self-audit mechanism helps build trust towards the AI insights, while also exposing any need to refine the AI model.