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See how Predictive Analytics is Driving Smarter Sales: Webinar – March 29th 2:00 PM Join us

Did you know that 74% of sales leaders are using or will be using sales analytics in the next 18 months? Join Dr. Cindy Gordon CEO and Founder of SalesChoice with our SalesForce clients and SalesForce partner for a special webinar on March 29th @ 2pm EST to understand how to make data-driven decisions that accelerate your revenue growth and win rates. Learn how sales analytics help you:

* Identify which deals are most likely to convert
* Gain complete visibility across your pipeline
* Drive smarter sales insights and faster decisions

Watch our SalesChoice and Wave integrated demo at the end of the webinar and see why high performing sales teams are 3.5x more likely to be using sales analytics.

Register here: http://bit.ly/1RNUdFy