Market Announcement

On March 29th, SalesChoice announced its Predictive Analytics Platform Go to Market Offering has been successfully integrated into the SalesForce’s Wave Analytics Platform. Over 400 global leaders from sales, marketing, and sales operations joined in to listen to The Predictive Pipeline Webinar and hear these new announcements.

Powerful Webinar

The webinar was hosted by Julien Sauvage, Director of SalesForce Wave Analytics and was joined by Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder, SalesChoice, and also with the VP of BD and Sales at Macadamian Technologies, Dinesh Kandachanta, to share his experiences in using SalesChoice’s predictive pipeline – have resulted in increased conversion rates of over 50% on win rates from using SalesChoice’s toolkits.

Dinesh was asked when is the right time for predictive pipelines to be adopted – and his response was ” to remain competitive you have to use predictive now – this is a disruptive technology solution – easy to use – easy to deploy and drives results immediately upon install.

A demonstration of SalesChoice integrated with Wave was demonstrated on the webinar and is available to view below.

The webinar also proudly announced go to market SI relationships with Accenture for Enterprise Accounts, and RelationEdge for SMB and Mid Market Account Coverage to help advance SalesChoice capabilities into the market.

Dr. Gordon says: After three years of  intensive R&D, we have learned how to scale with the right customer fit requirements. There is a lot of confusion in the market on Analytics between what is BI, Predictive and Prescriptive. The SalesChoice software is industry agnostic and is most relevant to B2B companies at this time.  The nice thing about SalesChoice is that we can work in customers of 3-5 and also bring value to customers with over 50,000 or more sales resources. Every customer that uses our platform and tools ends up with a unique machine learning Sales ALGO at the right cost to bring value. The ROI’s are consistently over 250% in deploying SalesChoice, compared to straight BI solutions, which average 80% ROI.  SalesChoice + Wave bring a winning go to market formula to power growth. The Predictive Generation in Sales is unfolding: We are thrilled to be part of this evolution, as The Science in Sales advances to improve sales profitability and productivity to disruptive levels.”

To Learn More – View The Webinar Video at The Predictive Pipeline