Business Intelligence


Improve sense making

by 50% or more.


Identify and align top KPI’s 

by 50% or more.


Improve Sales Insights

by 50% or more.


Increase Sales Performance

by 30% or more.

SalesChoice + Salesforce helps you See More to Win More

SalesChoice Inc. is Wave Certified.

  • Building Lenses, Dashboards, and Apps in Wave Analytics (ANC-201)
  • Working with Data and Dashboards in Wave Analytics (ANC-301)

Benefits to Wave

  • Lens Explorer
    • New Lens Explorer Designer Organization Layout
    • More charts available on the new lens explorer and design consistency with Dashboard designer
    • Update chart properties directly on the new lens explorer
    • Sorting by additional Measures
    • Filtering on Additional Columns
    • Consistency of lens explorer’s new json format with Designer’s json
    • Drill Down Selection
  • Dashboard Designer
    • Charts keep their settings after they are detached from a step
    • Ability to explore SAQL statements from dashboard
    • Dynamic Personalization for User Dashboards
    • New Options for Table Widget, Dashboard Inspector
    • Nested Bindings are now possible
    • Action Framework configured from the dataset

Do you utilize your CRM data well?

  • Can you easily access your CRM data?
  • Can your business users easily explore their data?
  • Are you making data insights shareable and actionable?
  • Are your users utilizing their CRM tools efficiently?
  • Are you building a corporate culture that values data integrity and data management?

If you are experiencing these roadblocks, it’s time to look at SalesChoice’s solutions, also powered by Salesforce Wave Analytics and Einstein BI solutions. SalesChoice also has an open API and is a partner with IBM Watson Analytics.

Insights. From Every Angle.

  • We help you see sales patterns from every angle using Business Intelligence and Advanced Predictive Analytic solutions.
  • We process internal and external data sources to increase your odds of conversion to increase top line revenue growth.
  • We have a proven track record of customer excellence, averaging over 95% customer loyalty.

SalesChoice business analytics help customize performance indicators by way of a powerful dashboard that is easily accessible on various devices such as desktop, tablet, smartphone to smartwatch. It helps reduced investment and infrastructure costs as SalesChoice Analytics Cloud solutions deliver high speed query engine power, with high compression data platforms, that are secure, fast, and give our clients the analytical power to modernize their business.

Companies that focus on Data Analytics experience have 6 times higher customer retention and 19 times higher profitability (McKinsey, 2017).

Wave BI solutions augmented with our Predictive Insight Engine™ gives you the extra insight that you need to have a competitive edge. We give you the:

  • Ability to customize powerful dashboards,
  • Design your KPI’s to focus on the right performance metrics,
  • Ability to model patterns based on your business needs,
  • Access to data scientists analytics professionals,
  • World-class proven platforms from Salesforce & Sales Choice.
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