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SalesChoice Fair AI Ethics Policy


SalesChoice aspires to create and bring to market innovative AI products that advance our customer’s ability to improve their competitive edge, using advanced AI/ML modelling methods.

Our mission is to make data speak and make the invisible visible. To achieve our mission, we ensure privacy and data integrity are front and center in all of our operating practices.

The 6 Fair AI Ethics principles that we always follow are:

  1. Be Socially Responsible and Foster Positive Impact
    • We will take into account a broad range of (often competing) social and economic factors, relevant to various constituencies (including our staff, customers, their customers and our shareholders).
  2. Avoid Creating or Reinforcing Unfair Bias.
    • We will be mindful of the risk of bias and prejudice in our system design and data sets and will try to avoid it, and try to fairly correct problems of which we become aware.
  3. Be Built and Tested for Robust Safety.
    • We will endeavour to develop and apply strong safety and security practices (such as data inventories, data flow maps and audit trails, thoughtful collection procedures and thought analysis) to avoid unintended results that create risks of harm.
  4. Be Accountable to People.
    • We will endeavour to design AI systems that provide appropriate opportunities for feedback, relevant explanations, and appeal, with opportunities for human direction and control.
  5. Privacy & Security Centric Design 
    • We will endeavour to maximize opportunities for privacy protection consistent with the purpose of the product. For example, we aspire to ensure that customers have an opportunity to give their customers appropriate notice and opportunities for (withdrawable) consent, that all data is protected, safely stored, and anonymized unless individuals agree otherwise (or when anonymity is not possible, endeavour to use non-algorithmic techniques to analyze needs).
  6. Advance Scientific & Technical Excellence.
    • Technological innovation is rooted in scientific methods and we will have an ongoing commitment to open inquiry, intellectual rigour, integrity, and collaboration. We will work with a range of stakeholders to promote thoughtful AI leadership, drawing on scientifically rigorous and multidisciplinary approaches. We will try to responsibly share AI knowledge by publishing educational materials, best practices, and research that enable more people to develop useful AI applications.


We believe that our “SalesChoice 6” AI ethical principles are a good foundation to help guide our company and our future development of AI to meet our customers needs.  AI and advanced analytics are dynamic and evolving.

We will approach our work with a “learning humble” orientation,  a commitment to engagement and a willingness to both adapt – and share our insights – as we learn over time, for the benefit of our stakeholders.