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Why B2B Sales Professionals Need a Sales Community

Mark Birch, Founder of the Enterprise Sales Forum (ESF), knows how important B2B sales are to growing our global economy. With over twenty ESF communities globally from Toronto to NYC to Singapore and London. thousands of sales professionals and leaders are finding a local community to share ideas, learn critical skills, and gain inspiration from a network of peers.

Mark and Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder of SalesChoice, discuss their concerns about growing proclamations of the demise of the B2B Sales Professional, and the disturbing lack of productivity gains in the B2B Sales profession and leading to billions in lost revenue. In this fireside chat, they plan to address the following questions and answer yours too.

Why hasn’t B2B Sales Productivity improved in recent years?

Why is the Enterprise Sales Forum important for sales professionals?

What topics most interest members of the Enterprise Sales Forum?

What will we see change in B2B Sales over the next 12 months?

How do you see AI and Augmented Intelligence impacting B2B Sales?