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Mindfulness in the Age of Distraction in AI


We live in an age of distraction where B2B sales productivity stands at 35% in field time focused on customers. This is primarily due to a significant drop in our ability to focus. Human attention span has dropped by 50% and now clocks at below 8 seconds before a new thought distracts us. That is less than that of a goldfish! Sales professionals are under tremendous pressure to sell more. 30% to 60% of sales professionals do not make their sales quotas. This is why our next webinar will reveal how mindfulness and smart utilization of AI can help maximize sales productivity for your teams.

In our next webinar, Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder & CEO of SalesChoice and an expert in introducing AI to B2B sales organizations, will host Andrea Kiss, an accomplished sales effectiveness leadership coach, who challenges leaders to flex their strengths to get and stay boardroom fit. Together, they will visit the rarely identified importance of mindfulness and go past talking about the importance of AI to experience how you can utilize AI to reach your organization’s full potential. The benefits from attending this session are:

* Learn what is mindfulness and how to bring it to yourself and to your team

* Understand the value of cognitive sciences & AI to enable mindfulness

* See how peace of mind can come from KPIs and Dashboards and the impact it can have on sales productivity and improved focus