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Predicting customer renewals & churn using AI driven insights

The most successful subscription businesses are using predictive machine learning algorithms to convert new customers, increase revenue per customers, and maximize retention.

In this live webinar, we’re bringing together 3 experts in SaaS to share with you leading best practices used in the Subscription Economy.

Dr. Cindy Gordon wrote the first book on SaaS with Subra Iyar, the founder of WebEx, called “Why buy the Cow?”. Cindy will be interviewing Matthew Darrow, VP & GM at Zuora, and Dr. Carl Gold, Chief Data Scientist at Zuora to discuss:

  • The Subscription Economy Index: Compares revenue growth of subscription businesses to sales for companies in the S&P 500 and U.S. retail sales
  • Data Science 101: The metrics-first methodology that makes predictions interpretable and actionable by any department within an organization
  • Zuora Insights: Leverages predictive engagement and churn scores to uncover new growth opportunities and proactively minimize churn risk before it happens
  • SalesChoice’s Predictive Analytics and AI Insights: The AI/ML empowerment that predicts the future outcomes of sales cycles on mid to large company data sets and prescribe insights in Salesforce.

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