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Innovatia, is a leading Atlantic Canada company, headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, specializing in knowledge management solutions, with diverse product solutions in areas like: documentation services, custom learning programs, technical support services, and content architecture.

Innovatia has been recognized in the Top 50 CEO’s in Atlantic Canada. They also have award winning software solutions which help companies with complex procedures and risk management needs. They have also been recognized by the Globe and Mail, as one of Canada’s Top 100 Best companies to work for.

The Business Challenge

Innovatia is a company known for building a team of incredible talent in Atlantic Canada. Their success has enabled them to become one of the most successful companies within the region, helping a host of high profile clients around the world.

With Innovatia’s passion for creating an incredible work environment to support their talented employees, innovation is always top of mind. Gerry Verner, VP of Sales is an innovative leader, and was curious as to how advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning foundations could give Innovatia a competitive edge.


The Solution  

The SalesChoice – Predictive Analytics Insight Engine™ is in the early stages of  deployment at Innovatia, but already value is  being achieved in these areas:

Predictive Sales Forecasting: The  SalesChoice predictive sales forecasting and  quality ratings provide effective classification  of sales opportunities into 3 categories based  on the probability of winning A’s, B’s and  C’s. This is allowing Innovatia to empower  their Sales Professionals to concentrate on  the deals that matter more and have the  highest odds of winning. The integrated pipeline coverage intelligence and a team of incredible talent in Atlantic  Canada.

Coaching: SalesChoice’s solution provides  Innovatia with the tools to compare the  performance of sales resources more easily,  with easy to understand visualizations.

“We are in the early stages of laying a new,  more intelligent highway of Innovatia. Sales  has traditionally relied on too much human  judgement in making call outs on sales  outcomes, having all the knowledge of our  Sales History gives us the benefit of  integrating more science into our sales  practices.. This is a new field and an era that  SalesChoice’s leadership pedigree will enable  them to be a leader in the Cognitive  Sciences and AI/ML Field. We are delighted  to be hoping another Canadian company  advance into this exciting new field of sales  transformational change. Together – we are  both learning – that makes this more exciting  and they are super easy and friendly to  partner with,” says Gerry Verner.

Gerry Verner

VP – Sales & Marketing

“We have always been change agents, and value process and depth of sales practices to find insight foundations. We can only go so far as humans with our knowledge. With the wealth of data that we have now accumulated in SalesForce to manage our sales practices and processes, I wanted to see what SalesChoice’s advanced AI and statistical pattern detection techniques could do to give us a competitive edge. In the Age of Distraction, focusing on the right opportunities is top of mind. Everyone today feels the endless pressures of limited time to get to real customers, and we are spread thin in our account coverage. Having sales opportunities prioritized, leveraging all our historical wisdom to increase our conversion rates to higher levels of performance outcomes is a journey I felt was worth investing in. After a year we have learned the AI model is getting smarter, and our business is also growing. We exceeded our sales objective, finishing at 107% of target in the last 12 months, and SalesChoice is one of our powerful new tools enabling guided selling. Our entire sales team is now using SalesChoice, and I am able to manage my sales forecast with increased visibility and risk practices. If your company wants to learn about sales and AI, I highly recommend them.”