We have been partnering on a new exciting book project led by CEO, Vishal Kumar Founder, of Analytics Week and Analytics Club which is one place, one network, one club to connect and empower us all to advance our knowledge and understanding of Big Data and Analytics on the rapidly emerging Predictive World.

The new book project is a compilation of perspectives from over 100 top thought leaders, Data Scientists and bloggers around the globe, including CTO of PayPal, CIO Thomson Reuters, etc and the research is called:

The Big Data Analytics, for, of and By the Data Analytics Leaders and Influencers, by Deeska Joshi with Editorial Guidance by Vishal.

A few of our research perspectives will be included in this new book, inclyding, blog “Decoding Buzzwords: Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence |https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/decoding-buzzwords-big-data-predictive-analytics-business-gordon ”

Other research that our founder, Dr. Cindy Gordon has written that  we are most proud of is in The Attention Deficit of Sales Professionals in our new eBOOK at:

https://www.saleschoice.com/books/ where we demonstrate how predictive analytics can improve the cognitive focus gaps of sales professionals to unlock the gap where 30-60% of the middle tier sales professionals are not meeting their plans.

We also have just finished major ROI validation with Macadamian Technologies where we have helped move their business sales conversion rates from 45% to 85% with an ROI over 1000%. On average we hit an ROI of over 150% in all our client programs immediately upon install.

For more information on this case and ROI Value, listen to the Macadamian Case video to hear the Head of BD/Sales, Dinesh Kandanchatha share his story at:


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Visit us at www.saleschoice.com to learn more – Our Predictive World : Resources Center is rich with information on Predictive Analytics and more is added monthly. We see a major gap with SalesProfessionals which is why we are launching a global survey in partnership with Dr. Anthony Wensley at the University of Toronto, Rotman Business School. If you want to learn more, please reach back to me on linked in to ensure you get the survey.

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