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3 Big Business Challenges

Increased media competition demands actionable Insights to grow sales

High cost of resources requires increased collaboration

Challenges in focusing on the right opportunities that matter

The SalesChoice Solution

SalesChoice Predictive and Prescriptive Sales Analytics solutions work in tandem with Salesforce.com. We enable your sales professionals to make better decisions on which accounts to concentrate. Our unique solutions have helped global media organizations improve their productivity and profitability.

Transform every Sales Professional into a Superstar

It is a common observation that while some of your sales reps are superstars, others struggle to close the “right deals”. SalesChoice’s Predictive Sales Analytics – Insight Engine enables you to identify successful practices by your “high performing” sales professionals to optimize sales performance.

Considering the complex competitive dynamics in the media industry, it is important to enable every sales professional “The Superstar” possibility.

Improve Visibility into Data & Analytics

Sales professionals are used to evaluating the probability of closing deals based on their experience and intuition. Recent studies show that, though experience is relevant, predictive sales analytics can help increase your sales forecasting accuracy by 85% or more. Furthermore, win rates are accelerated to close with 30 to 60% improvements.

Manage your Resources Effectively

Leaders in the media industry are always trying to effectively utilize their resources to reduce cost of sales. As continuous disruption is a constant in the media industry, sales professionals cannot afford to waste precious time chasing the duds.

SalesChoice’s Predictive Sales Analytics – Insight Engine will help you identify the best opportunities to achieve your business goals and provide actionable insights to change future sales outcomes.

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