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SALESCHOICE CASE STUDY: Logistics, Freight & Courier Industry



PUROLATOR is one of Canada’s leading courier, freight and logistics companies. With over 100 million pieces handled annually, over $2 billion in revenues, and international expansion underway, Purolator’s business has been growing fast not only due to the diligence of its operating practices, but also its timely use of advanced analytics and AI.

The Business Challenge

Over the years, the health industry has developed more proactive approaches, focusing on health management rather than disease treatment since between 60-80% of workplace accidents are the result of stress-induced issues, according to the Employee Health and Safety Reporting Research.

As Ken Johnston, Senior Vice President, People and Culture, Purolator, explained, “Employee health and wellbeing has always been a top priority for Purolator. At the start of every day, our drivers do a vehicle inspection check before they go out on the road to ensure their physical safety. Now, we are striving to ensure they also reflect on how they are feeling personally from a mental wellbeing perspective.

The Solution

SalesChoice specializes in building unique AI models to advance customer’s business realities, with a primary focus on behavioral analytics underlying employee productivity. 

SalesChoice partnered with Purolator and the Ontario Center of Innovation (OCI) to deliver a mobile app that could improve driver health and safety standards, by equipping Purolator with a first-of-its kind AI MoodInsights mobile application, powered by SalesChoice’s award winning AI technology.

The innovative solution helps to identify early signs of risks among Purolator’s 5,000-plus courier drivers based on private, secure and real-time mood insights, advancing enhanced wellness and improved health and safety practices. It also reveals insights that allow for timely preventative action to minimize corrective costs, improve operational efficiency and provide front-line employees with a secure, private channel to make improvement suggestions in areas important to them.

At Purolator, SalesChoice MoodInsights has also been expanded to the terminal unit managers on account of its promise in delivering an organizational continuous improvement (CI) opportunity. The value of this app has been underscored at the governmental levels as well.

Ontario is proud to invest in innovative, made-in-Ontario technology that has the opportunity to improve safety for courier drivers and other road users,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. Vic Fedeli, Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, added, “Developing advanced software to improve employee and road safety is a great example of effective collaboration between industry and government.”

At SalesChoice, we are already seeing encouraging initial results, with high retention rates and a number of business and personnel risk insights that have surfaced having been addressed already. Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder, SalesChoice Inc, says,“Covid-19 has reinforced to everyone that health matters, with nearly two out of three North Americans feeling even higher levels of stress. Emotional stress is a major contributing factor to the six leading causes of death in North America: cancer, coronary heart disease, accidental injuries, respiratory disorders, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. 10X accident risks can be correlated with feelings of stress, sadness or anger and an early diagnosis of health risks is the design priority of MoodInsights™. We are proud to have built a solution that can improve the mental wellbeing of employees across the organization to improve their productivity and mitigate costly issues early on. Bringing more humanity and happiness advantage is a business imperative for growth and safety.

Ken Johnston

SVP, People and Culture

Logistics, Freight & Courier

We partnered with OCI and SalesChoice to build an innovative mobile health and employee engagement app that enables Purolator to help our drivers become more aware of their moods, impacting factors and when to take steps to seek support and resources. Our drivers’ daily insights shared through the app are intended to inform future safety training and processes long term and ultimately advance our operational excellence goals

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