May 13th, 2019 | TORONTO, CA – SalesChoice will be exhibiting its AI-powered B2B sales solution at this year’s Collision conference in Toronto on Wednesday, May 22 2019.

Collision is one of the world’s largest tech gatherings and major event for North American startups, investors, corporates and scientists. It is expected to draw 25000 attendees this May. With Collision, Toronto is set to making its case as a major global AI hub. The tag was affirmed by the Turing Award 2018, the Nobel Prize of Computing, of which the city’s Geoffrey Hinton was one of the recipients. The arrival of Collision bolsters it further as Toronto’s AI ecosystem was a vital factor in the decision to host the event here for the next three years, according to Collision CEO Paddy Cosgrave, as per a recent article by MaRS.

SalesChoice is proud to showcase its AI capability alongside other companies, and will be exhibiting at booth A338 in the AI/ML category on May 22 2019. Visitors will have a chance to see the software in action, including how it helps Salesforce-using organizations achieve 100% complete data, predict likelihood of opportunities closing with over 95% accuracy, and guide sellers on next step actions to improve win rates by 15%.

About SalesChoice

SalesChoice Inc. is an award-winning AI Guided Selling Company, specializing in B2B Sales Challenges, bringing leading edge cloud capabilities, in predictive forecasting, account and opportunity scoring, and guided insights for its clients. SalesChoice Inc. also offers AI and ML Strategy, Transformation and Educational Services to advance client modernization needs. For more information, see

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Dr. Cindy Gordon
Founder and CEO, SalesChoice Inc.