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Aspen Pharmacare

ASPEN PHARMA is a South Africa-based supplier in more than 150 countries world-wide, providing products renowned for their quality, efficacy, and affordability.

The Canadian operation was established in 2014 to offer Aspen’s expanding portfolio of pharma and consumer healthcare products. Originators granted it to develop and manufacture generic antiretroviral (ARV) in the early 2000s. Since then, Aspen’s contribution has been highly impactful. It currently treats more than 2 Million HIV/Aids patients daily with ARVs.

The Business Challenge

With Aspen’s dedication to continuous innovation and recent entrance in the Canadian market, improving its customer engagement process has been top of mind. Sylvain Desjeans, Aspen Canada Country Manager and a thought leader endeavored a sales management system that would alleviate its current challenges of managing all of its sales and client activities on Microsoft Excel.

As competitive pressure grew, Aspen realized its current method of collecting and sharing customer data was sorely inadequate. Sales reps entered account data into individual Excel spreadsheets whenever they had time. This labor-intensive process meant that even the most up-to-date customer data might already go stale by the time it was released for executives.

Sylvain was also concerned about the organizational knowledge Aspen lost when sales representatives quit. “When employees leave, they often take important knowledge with them,” says Sylvain. “In some cases, a sales representative exits the company, and you discover you don’t even have basic contact information on a current account.”

Aspen’s management team were concerned about lost opportunities. “We knew we were missing business because we didn’t follow up on sales leads or share information about new prospects,” says Sylvain. “As we acquired more sales staff, we knew processes would grow out of Excel. We needed a way to ensure that all sales activities in our complex cycles were captured on the cloud so that team members could actively collaborate with one another in real time. We chose SalesChoice because of their in-depth Systems Integration and Advanced Analytics capabilities. They have built a complete CRM solution and they are very easy to work with.”


The Solution

SalesChoice developed a customer Salesforce solution that provided a centralized method for Aspen’s primary care and hospital division sales coverage teams to share information about customers and collaborate on our efforts, delivering an agile and cost-effective implementation process.


Salesforce Implementation: SalesChoice customized Aspen’s CRM environment and understood its corporate objectives well. In Aspen’s line of business maintaining relationships with Hospitals, Practitioners, and Government Pharmaceutical Organizations were critical but each required unique customized sales workflow processes.
SalesChoice developed 3 different workflows in accordance with Aspen’s complex sales cycles. SalesChoice mapped out its custom objects and developed dashboards for its Executives. All project designs underwent iterative design reviews, constant development, and feedback alterations. The end result was a masterpiece that fit the client’s vision and provided flexibility for the long term.


Training: SalesChoice’s services provided Aspen with customized dashboards and trained top management on how to compare the performance of sales resources at higher effectiveness, with easy to understand visualizations.

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Sylvain Desjeans

Country Manager

“At first, we were skeptical about how we would be able to move all of our data from flat files into a dynamic Salesforce platform. This worry went away quickly,” Sylvain says. “Each salesperson had Excel sheets, but SalesChoice made it simple for them to transfer all of the existing customer data and integrate into our different sales workflows. Within 90 days, every sales development rep, manager, and marketing teams were using Salesforce. In my experience, installing the data, customizing the CRM system, and getting up and running would have taken over 6 months and not have been as cost-effective as SalesChoice’s professional services.”