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Digiday is a media company and community for digital media, marketing, and advertising professionals.

The Digiday team strives to produce the highest quality publications, conferences, and resources for the media industry. As a leader in the media industry, Digiday has been achieving 70% year over year growth.

The Business Challenge

Their unique sales cycle and expanding sales team posed new challenges. They were in a dire need of a sales productivity solution which could help their sales leadership monitor pipeline over a customized sales cycle, forecast the probability of winning deals with high accuracy and provide insights that can be used to coach their sales professionals. In addition, given the speed of their rapidly growing business, they needed to ensure their sales Account Executives had access to an easy to use tool to improve their pipeline coverage, and ensure they were focused on the best opportunities.


The Solution

The SalesChoice – Predictive Analytics Insight Engine™ has helped Digiday overcome these challenges very effectively.

Monitoring Insights over a custom Sales Cycle: While traditional players have always been providing insights over fixed timelines, SalesChoice’s – Predictive Analytics Insight Engine™ allows customers to monitor their forecasts over any timeline they choose. This was invaluable to Digiday as their business required more flexibility than Native Salesforce provided. The ability to put in parameters flexibly has significantly improved their sales forecasting accuracy and reporting agility.

Predictive Sales Forecasting: The SalesChoice predictive sales forecasting and quality Ratings provide effective classification of sales opportunities into 3 categories based on the probability of winning, A’s, B’s and C’s. This has allowed Digiday to empower their sales professionals to concentrate on the deals that matter more and have the highest odds of winning. With the right tools, Digiday is now able to predict their sales forecast with minimal effort and an accuracy exceeding 85% plus, saving Sales leadership days of running reports – now they can simply see what SalesChoice says and focus more time on what counts – meeting with customers and closing business.

Coaching: SalesChoice’s solution provides sales leadership with the right tools to compare the performance of sales teams and individuals easily in easy to understand reports of business relevance. It also provides deep insights on winning strategies employed by high performing teams and translates these insights to help transform all your sales professionals into high performers. Essentially a sales rep gets a 7×24 sales coaching tool.


Paul Borselli


SalesChoice team worked to help DIGIDAY implement an effective solution to keep track of our ever changing funnel. SalesChoice has been a fantastic partner with a great product and a customer centric staff.