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SALESCHOICE CASE STUDY: Logistics, Freight & Courier Industry


PUROLATOR is an international leading courier, freight and logistics company. With over 100 million pieces handled annually, $1 billion in revenues, Purolator’s business is growing rapidly.

Purolator’s growth has achieved its scale both due to the diligence of its employees and its’ timely use of AI, advanced analytics – proven most during Purolator’s surge during a difficult Covid-19.

The Business Challenge

Gartner recently released its AI Guided Selling report which surveyed global Chief Sales Officers (CSOs), and found that the Covid-19 outbreak had caught many Gartner clients unprepared – in particular, those that relied heavily on human-to-human interactions.

Given these market dynamics, Gartner stressed the imperative for CSOs to revamp their sales processes – both internal operational processes and customer-facing engagement areas. In particular, focus was underscored to improve sales operating practices to accelerate the usage of AI guided selling tools to focus on the best win opportunities, reduce predictive churn and enable real time guided selling. With its fast-growing business, Purolator wanted to increase foresight on its sales forecasts, be able to predict win rates, and provide stronger sales coaching tools to increase conversion rates. In 2018, Purolator chose SalesChoice’s (SC’s) Insight EngineTM to guide its North American salesforce, direct and indirect, due to SC’s ease of use, powerful prioritization insights, and guided coaching layer.


The Solution

A Salesforce ISV Partner, SalesChoice analyzes data from the Sales Cloud and builds a unique AI model for every client rather than assuming one size fits all, to ensure the data integrity of each client’s predictions.
SalesChoice customized its AI Insight EngineTM for Purolator to allow guiding insights for both new and renewal opportunities, across six different divisions. The dynamic AI models revealed how different the win factors were for each division, allowing Purolator’s sales teams to have relevant guidance on how to focus and win more in their regions.

Jeff Green, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Customer Experience at Purolator, speaks to the importance of using cutting-edge technologies to maintain Purolator’s position as an industry leader; and is leading the charge in using AI to continuously improve business practices across the Purolator Customer Value Chain.

At Purolator, SalesChoice’s Insight EngineTM is integrated with Salesforce Einstein leveraging its Business Intelligence Layer, where all of Purolator’s sales reporting lies, while predictive forecasting and rich guided selling insights are driven by SalesChoice, thereby blending the best of both worlds.

“Our brand is anchored in Ending Revenue Uncertainty, using AI,” says Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder, SalesChoice Inc. “There are a lot of black box AI approaches in the CRM market, and we wanted to ensure that our clients could trust our predictions so much, that we built a real-time audit trail, proving whether what we said would happen – did happen or not; so, our value is 100% clear. We are the easiest, the most comprehensive, and the smartest platform for AI Sales Enablement on top of Salesforce data sets. And it all starts with ensuring our customers have complete data, otherwise AI cannot deliver the promise of ending the uncertainty of inaccurate revenue forecasts or advising sales professionals on their next best actions.”

To end sales inefficiencies & revenue uncertainty, book your personalized demo at SalesChoice to learn how we can save your company precious time, build your company an integrated Customer Relationship Management platform and advance your company into the Age of Data Sciences.

Jeff Green

SVP Sales & Customer Experience

“As an organization focused on continuous improvement, we are dedicated to empowering our people with smarter technology tools that give Purolator a competitive edge. SalesChoice is unique in its strategic customer orientation; and we are benefitting from the support of their award-winning AI platform and software talents. We are embracing AI, knowing that it’s imperative to our business in this new normal. AI is a long-term journey and it can be uncannily accurate once you build the right data foundations, an area that SalesChoice is vigilant about. Their software has built a powerful data completeness layer that increases Salesforce adoption rates as a booster to ensure the advanced analytics methods are statistically valid; and by leveraging the powerful predictions provided by SalesChoice, Purolator has successfully increased our win rates and improved our sales forecasting process. It’s time to try SalesChoice, and learn how AI can increase your top line revenue growth, and enable coaching insights to give your sales teams a boost to meet their targets.”