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Quartz Enterprises

QUARTZ ENTERPRISES helps businesses grow through their expertise in HR, IT, SI, Information Security & Project Management.

Quartz Enterprises has helped a media & entertainment company become a major global player due to its appreciation of AI and advanced analytics to drive business decisions by profiling different customer segments – from VIP to fraud.

The Business Challenge

Media and Entertainment businesses are turning to Big Data Analytics & AI to make media and entertainment experiences better for customers. Studying the patterns of media and entertainment patrons allows operators to solve complex challenges in using AI & Predictive Customer Profiling to give a more acute focus to long-term share of wallet (VIP customers for life-time value calibrations), as well as to detect risk, from fraudulent behaviors (i.e.: defaulting payments, the use of numerous identities in order to claim multiple bonuses offered to members, etc.).

The Client wanted to identify media and entertainment profiles early on, in order to segment into risk channels, i.e. potential fraud risks, and identify the most promising customers i.e. VIPs. They believed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help them crack this tough challenge, and the preference was to work with agile companies that are bright, and innovative.

The Solution

SalesChoice worked with the Client’s IT & Marketing teams to analyze the existing VIP customer definitions, data sources and AI/ML approaches. The Client received a customized AI Insight Model guidance and clear direction to scale and sustain its efficacy to achieve their goals. It positioned the team to achieve a holistic vision for the Client to predict VIP profiles extremely early in the customer journey. The deliverables included:

Recommendation on the current AI model to be re-designed using alternative data markers for more accuracy

• An implementation roadmap, reconfiguring the current architecture methods, algorithmic methods & metrics

Improved AI data lineage accountabilities, and AI Governance Strategic planning practices

To modernize your systems & processes, achieve AI readiness and maximize AI’s value for your organization to end revenue uncertainty and sales inefficiencies, book your personalized demo to learn how we can save your company precious time, build your company an integrated Customer Relationship Management platform and advance your company into the Age of Data Sciences.

Christopher Tertoole Quartz

Christopher Tertoole

Director, Business Intelligence

“Dr. Cindy Gordon and her SalesChoice team are experts in AI business model design and analytics. The team has an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge not only in the application of AI and Machine Learning models, but also in the formulation of strategies that have real business impact. We learned so much from working with them on a relatively small project, particularly where we need to align our processes in the future to get maximum value from further AI and Machine Learning initiatives. We are now on the right track – thanks to SalesChoice’s leadership and proven Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) skills.”