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Rogers Communications Inc. is a Canadian communications and media company. Rogers employs over 25,000 employees and generates over $14.1B in revenue. Rogers has 4 lines of business in Cable, Wireless, Media and Business Solutions (Enterprise).

The Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) has three sales organizations that covers: Small Business, Commercial Sales, and Large Enterprise Accounts. The challenge Rogers EBU was facing was improving the operational efficiencies of its’ sales operating processes. A program was undertaken to improve Roger’s investment in SalesForce, in particular its usability and adoption. Improvement areas were in enhancing accountability in the sales forecasting process, improving data quality, and optimizing workflow, especially around the proposal quote creation process.

The Business Challenge

Joe Deklic, VP Sales Operations and Deal Management, defined the problem as, “Improving our sales stack at Rogers is top of mind. If we can leapfrog by augmenting our core sales pipeline with advanced AI guided selling methods, Rogers has an opportunity to secure a competitive advantage. From discussions with Accenture and SalesChoice Inc., an alliance partner of Accenture, specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Data Sciences, I was inspired that we could optimize sales performance with our combined talents. The problems I wanted to solve were:

  1. Can Rogers improve our sales focus by prioritizing our Sales Opportunities vs. investing in sales cycles that have lower odds of winning, before any human effort is expended?
  2. Can you enable a 360 view into our sales activities outlined in the Rogers Way of Selling (RWoS), by integrating predictive insights into KPI Dashboard which tracks all of our core sales metrics and guides sales professionals with 7×24 coaching?
  3. Would it be possible to manage the underlying pipeline risk by overlaying Predictive Pipeline metrics vs. standard pipeline metrics that are mathematically flawed?
  4. Is there a way to improve the quality of data being entered in the SalesForce environment and enable early detection of problems in the data?

The Solution

The SalesChoice – Insight Engine™ was used to analyze the Rogers EBU Commercial Sales data set, using blended advanced AI and ML methods. The customized solution included a subscription-based business model and predicted sales outcomes for three types of business: New Business, Renewal Business and Upsell/Cross-Sell Business.

The SalesChoice predictive sales forecasting and quality ratings provided effective classification into five qualification buckets based on the balance of controllable and uncontrollable factors in a deal cycle. The patented qualification mechanism used two levels of qualification: organization and deal levels, and helped Rogers sales professionals focus their sales activities on opportunities that have the highest odds of winning.

The SalesChoice prescriptive insights layer provided users with a dynamic qualification checklist to identify the gaps in their proposals, in areas like: solution mix, or pricing. The SalesChoice open and flexible API, can also easily integrate SalesForce objects (e.g. the Apptus Quote/ Proposal object) into the SalesChoice – Insight Engine™ , resulted in a 360-guided sales cycle view. SalesChoice’s solution provided Rogers with a powerful tool to analyze sales activities and gain new insights into operational inefficiencies. The software was also successfully integrated with the Tableau dashboard to unify all Sales KPIs.

“When we began to use SalesChoice, we had a lot of data quality issues and the forecasting process was primarily manual and very time consuming. Over a period of a year, the SalesChoice – Insight Engine™ was able to accurately predict the Winning Deals at Rogers with an overall 80% forecasting accuracy and was 90% accurate in predicting the losses at the beginning of a sales cycle.

Time is the scarcest resource, so as AI can prioritize all sales cycles more efficiently than a human can, why would you not want to innovate with AI? Sales has traditionally relied too much on human judgement in predicting sales outcomes. Having all the knowledge of our sales history gives us the benefit of integrating more science into sales practices.

SalesChoice is a company of experienced sales professionals from Tier one companies like: Xerox, Accenture, etc. and they have strong AI and Data Science expertise. I highly recommend if you are a CRO striving to advance your sales productivity that you consider SalesChoice.”

Joe Deklic (Rogers) - SalesChoice case study

Joe Deklic

VP | Sales Operations & Deal Management

“If you want a trusted partner that knows AI and Sales Optimization, don’t wait, contact SalesChoice Inc., you won’t be disappointed. Three Words to describe them: Customer-Centric, Smart, and Agile”, says Joe Deklic, VP Sales Operations and Deal Management.”