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Sales Data Science Services



Know your Problem


Your Data

Right Data – Right Model – Right Time



Without Execution – Strategy is Useless

"Typical ROI for analytics projects that incorporate predictive analytics is about 250% "(IDC)

SalesChoice is a market leader in advanced AI and advanced sales analytics strategy to implementation. We are specialists solving complex data problems. We are skilled experts in Sales Data Science, an interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured, similar to data mining.

Aligning Strategy

Know Your Problem!

Smart Strategy starts with understanding the customer challenges and aligns a clear frame of reference to rally around. Big Data, AI & Advanced Analytics need a clearly defined Problem to align leadership sponsorship and ensure resourcing sustainability. SalesChoice brings expertise in Innovation, Strategic Planning and Execution Excellence to take on complex AI & Data Science Challenges.

Recent Client Experiences

  • Researched Global Best Practices for Building a Propensity to Purchase (P2P) AI Model that can identify the best customer segments, and customers to target to increase Market Share.
  • Researched Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use Cases to modernize diverse banking clients, in Retail, Commercial Banking and Wholesale Banking.
  • Reviewed a Tier One Bank’s Share of Wallet Analytics Footprint, using Palantir, to accelerate growth in the SMB Mid-Market Segment.
  • Developed AI and Data Sciences Strategy and Educational Workshops for diverse industries to modernize business models.

Understand Your Data

Right Data – Right Model – Right Time

The old adage of garbage in = garbage out is a serious gap in many organizations that want to take advantage of AI and Sales Data Sciences. We help our clients source the right data to build smart AI and Data Science Models to solve specific use cases. We have alliances with diverse data suppliers, specializing in Demographic, Firmographic data, and other data sources to help augment customer solutioning needs.

Recent Client Experiences

  • Researched Global Best Practices for Building a Propensity to Purchase (P2P) AI Model that can identify the best customer segments, and customers to target to increase Market Share.
  • Conducted AI Predictive ALGO benchmarking with a Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company

Implement Transparently

Without Execution – Strategy is Useless

Ideas are Easy. Implementation is Hard Work. We have proven implementation frameworks, approaches and best practices to ensure execution success.

Recent Client Experiences

  • Developed a Predictive Churn Model for a Global Manufacturing Company that achieved over 95% prediction accuracy.
  • Developed a Cost of Sales (COS) Predictive Model for a Tier 1- Global Professional Services Firm.
  • Developed a Data Science’s Implementation Roadmap for a Tier One Bank.
  • Built Complex Einstein Analytics (BI Visualizations – Data Aggregation to Visualization) for Global Brands in Architecture, Professional Services, Retail, etc.
  • Implemented numerous customized AI Models, using SalesChoice’s Insight Engine™ to solve diverse use cases in (1) Predictive Forecasting (2) Opportunity Scoring (3) Account Scoring (4) Predictive Pricing (5) Propensity to Purchase
  • Developed Salesforce SalesCloud Solutions – all Sales workflows, dashboards and reporting systems for a Global Pharmaceutical Firm.

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Our Approach

SalesChoice’s Advanced AI & Sales Analytics team brings the best AI, engineering and data science services to address your business requirements. We work collaboratively with your team to understand your needs and create models to help you unlock the real value of your data. The result is a custom data science solution tailored to your specific intelligence needs, data sets, and application environment.

Our Specializations

  • Amazon, Google and Azure Cloud Platform
  • R, Python
  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Cluster Analytics, Customer Segmentation
  • Deep Learning
  • Graph Theory
  • Predictive Analytics, Decision Trees, Random Forests, etc.
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Natural-Language Processing
  • Psychographic Profiling
  • Regression Analytics
  • Sentiment Mining
  • TensorFlow
  • Visualizations/BI: (Tableau, Einstein Analytics)

Why Work With Us

  • Identify insights, opportunities, and value from all your data sources in powerful new ways
  • Deliver high impact and valuable experiences through your buyer’s journey to build sustainability
  • Track user behaviors and update products and services in real time
  • Gain Insights to Grow your business that are too complex for humans to easily mine
  • Take Advantage of AI and Sales Data Sciences to avoid obsolence