Toronto, Canada | November 23rd, 2020 – SalesChoice is pleased to announce that Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice, was recently nominated as one of the top 20 marketing experts in the B2B world by ExoB2B in their latest Marketing Expertise: Our Top 20 of 2020 ranking. 

I am honoured to be recognized by ExoB2B and joined by other marketing leaders across the country that are being innovative in how they engage their company brand, their personal brand, and extend community reach. This recognition is a celebration of my marketing team, Malay Upadhyay, Chief Customer Experience Officer, and Pooja Chitnis, Marketing Support, as together we always strive to use digital experiences in new ways,” says Dr. Gordon. She adds, “Consistently our thought leadership is recognized and over the past 5 years, we have won over 17 awards in diverse categories – from AI, Big Data, Community, Innovation, Early Stage Software Awards to Community and Customer Excellence recognitions. Whatever we strive to do at SalesChoice, our core culture is anchored in customer centricity, being innovative, authentic and collaborative.” 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has changed and the context to being an expert is no longer the same as it was before and so this year, ExoB2B took a different approach to selecting their top 20 experts, a method that touches on more authentic values. After scouring thousands of blogs and marketing sites, B2C and B2B, they selected these 20 experts based on a set of 10 outstanding measures:

  1. Recognized by all players in the Web marketing field
  2. Recognized expertise in fields related to B2B marketing
  3. Digital Identity – Structured and extensive presence in search engines
  4. Regular presence on a multitude of social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Quora, etc.).
  5. Active blog and other publications
  6. Contribution to the Web community (conferences, teaching, social involvement)
  7. Presence in the media as a spokesperson for the community
  8. Visibility and international presence
  9. The qualified audience in terms of number but also in terms of quality (e.g. no false accounts).
  10. Unanimity in other rankings.

Dr. Gordon notes, “Covid-19 has taught all of us that every voice counts. To ensure our messages are heard, we take full advantage of many diverse digital media channels. Advancing the world of AI takes a great deal of courage, and patience, as securing the last mile of sustainable AI requires marketing and sales brilliance to bring new products to market. We have been blessed with brilliant talent and remarkable customers who believe in us. Thank you for this prestigious recognition. We will continue to share our experiences and stories. Visit our resources section on our new website as it is rich with knowledge or our Youtube channel.” 

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About ExoB2B

Since 2002, ExoB2B’s expertise has constantly been demonstrated in the accomplishment of major projects at national and international level. It is also internationally recognized for the repeated and noticed interventions of its experts in conferences and training courses, as well as for the quality and relevance of its content made available to its clients either through its white papers, eBooks and especially through its blog. 


About Dr. Cindy Gordon:

Dr. Cindy Gordon is the CEO of SalesChoice, a Cognitive Sciences AI-based sales analytics platform and Data Sciences company. Prior she has held senior leadership roles at Accenture, Xerox and Citicorp. Internationally, she is recognized for her innovation thought leadership with over 14 books in the market. Cindy is also a Board Director /Advisor with: Corent Technology, TouchTV, Kula and CoursePeer. She is also a recipient of the Governor’s General Award for Innovation. Her community track record is extensive, highlights include: CATA (Current National Media Spokesperson for Women in STEM), Invest CrowdFund (ICC) Canada (Former National Chair), Former National Chair at Women in Technology (CATA: CANWIT), Co-Chair, iCanada (Smart Cities), Former Director, Nightwood Theatre, Former Director, St. Lawrence Theatre, Former President, Xerox Canada Women in Technology, etc.


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