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Prescriptive Analytics for Sale – Prescriptive Selling


Focus on key deal drivers

to leverage opportunities


Adjust deal parameters

to maximize closing options


Unlock possibilities

with pricing elasticity analytics


Use visualizations

to see more and win more

Salechoice identifies the "flex factors" you can leverage to close more deals

Predictions Insight Engine draft

Are You Having Any of These Challenges?

  • Understanding the reasons for wins & losses
  • Identifying which levers you can change to increase your odds of winning
  • Knowing which price point is the most optimal to help win the opportunity
  • Tracking patterns over time to highlight insights that could help you win more.

If you have any of these challenges, you need to learn more about our Prescriptive Sales Analytics product.

This solution is an expansion to our Insight Engine™ – Predictive Sales Analytics product.

SalesChoice by way of its prescriptive selling solution delivers powerful insights to help our clients secure a competitive edge. The use of our Insight Enginehelps predict the deals that will close, providing clients with highly accurate revenue numbers. In doing so, it also flags opportunities that appear to be sandbagging.

See More to Win More

Our Prescriptive Sales Analytics Module accurately identifies the reasons for your wins and losses. We give you the ability to model the variables that impact deal outcomes. In addition, we provide pricing analytics which shows the right pricing range that our clients should offer their customers. Prescriptive selling is done by understanding factor(s) which our clients can change to increase their odds of achieving their targets by 30% – 50%. Identifying what opportunity fields are influencing their odds of success and hence prioritizing opportunities thus increasing the clients’ visibility on the drivers of wins or losses before they occur. This helps Increase revenue by 25% or more.

SalesChoice Predictions Insight Engine looks at internal and external data sources to predict sales pipeline outcomes with greater precision.

Our Prescriptive Sales Analytics expansion module for the Insight Engine  gives you the extra insight you need to have a competitive edge. Our prescriptive selling solution gives you:

  • statistical patterns for your wins and losses
  • control dials to alter future outcomes with probability dial insights
  • ability to model patterns based on your business needs
  • rich dashboards and visualizations to see the hidden patterns to win more
  • access to our Chief Data Scientists to help model your needs accurately.
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