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Value Proposition

That is our customer promise. Over the years, our customers have helped us build the easiest and most comprehensive AI insights platform for sales analytics to deliver revenue confidence.

A. Our Position

SalesChoice is the easiest and most comprehensive AI insights platform for sales analytics that delivers revenue confidence.

Key Differences

The easiest to use – Game-changing insights appear in your CRM, right in your reps’ and managers’ existing views. They are so clear and easy to see they require absolutely no training.

The most comprehensive – Only SalesChoice reveals all the essential views and next-step best actions needed to guide you and your sales team across your entire revenue operations.

  1. Pipeline and Predictive Forecasting Insights adjusted by risk, that you can view by any time-period, in any territory, at any level.
  2. Lead Insights that reveal your lead channels with the best win patterns to invest in and the worst win patterns to reconsider.
  3. Opportunity Insights that highlight your deals with the best odds of closing and the ones that are a waste of time.
  4. Historical Insights that show how every opportunity change impacted your odds of winning or losing over time.
  5. Account Insights that identify your customers with the highest value, healthiest engagement levels and those your team is neglecting.
  6. Activity Insights that measure your reps’ diligence and effectiveness levels in account coverage.
  7. Relationship Fit Insights to help you make the best culture match between your reps and your customers.
  8. MoodInsights that captures the real-time pulse on employee sentiment, their causes, and emerging operational and employee risks that would remain invisible until they turn into million dollar problems.
  9. Pricing Discount Insights that show the ranges you can negotiate within to increase your odds of winning.
  10. Data Insights into the most important missing CRM data required for predictive sales analytics success, derived from your unique business model.
  11. Guided Coaching Insights through an AI-powered playbook and chatbot that helps managers and sales reps increase their odds of achieving their sales targets. The chatbot provides coaching on email writing, pipeline insights, and wellness.
  12. Audit Insights that track the accuracy of our AI’s prediction on every opportunity.


B. Our Customer Promise

End revenue uncertainty and sales inefficiency.

Key Benefits

Achieve Revenue Confidence –SalesChoice insights unlock new abilities for you to see the future as well as the true state and history of your revenue operations.

  • Recognize and reduce risk across the deal lifecycle, for new sales and renewals
  • Increase your sales velocity and hit your revenue targets
  • Deliver a forecast you can bank on
  • Through the lens of AI, see your customers in a whole new way

Eliminate Sales Inefficiencies – AI modernization brings many benefits, especially by increasing your managers and reps’ focus and Sales IQ.

  • Streamline forecasting efforts across your organization
  • Better manage your pipeline and forecast
  • Replace pipeline reviews with deal coaching sessions
  • Achieve 99% data completeness
  • Get more from your CRM without requiring more learning


C. Reasons to Believe

Trusted by Purolator, a $1.63B North American logistics enterprise, for its AI insights and formal forecasting reviews

“Capable of predicting with up to 95% accuracy whether a deal will close.” – IDC