ZigaForm version 6.1.1

Coaching Insights

A. Introduction

Success in sales has traditionally been pursued through a mix of a seller’s relationship skills, persuasive ability and diligence in following sales best practices. The modern era has revealed how much of sales is dependent on predictable patterns that tend to be missed otherwise. Guided selling is the art of integrating sales best practices with granular data insights on what works and what doesn’t in successfully closing a deal. Sales professionals can now receive guided selling coaching 7×24 to increase their odds of hitting their sales targets.

B. How Does It Work?

Using a combination of Machine Learning techniques, the SalesChoice Insight EngineTM identifies the fields in your dataset that are most influential to your opportunities, and the custom conditions that have historically resulted in wins for different opportunity types. It then shows these conditions unique to your business, to reveal how they are influencing a specific opportunity’s odds to close in a chosen time period.

This feature is called the Playbook. The Playbook insights are then complimented with additional coaching features:

  1. SalesChoice’s coaching layer provides real-time business interpretation of all insights, as well as suggestions for best actions to take as next steps.
  2. Email coaching alerts send timely notifications to a user on their pipe health status in order to reveal which opportunities are looking promising to close and which ones seem to be most at risk.
  3. In addition to these coaching features, SalesChoice has over 10 other coaching features: Data Completeness, Personality Fit, account and activity health dynamics, etc.


C. Benefits for Your Sales Organization

The Playbook explains why an opportunity is an A, B or C so that you can make contextual decisions on pursuing the opportunity or making changes, vs. following the AI blindly. The simultaneous coaching insights allow you to strategize your next action for maximum impact. Meanwhile, the email alerts ensure that you always remain in touch with the opportunities most at need of your attention – whether to increase your deal wins or to avoid unlikely losses.


D. Business Impact

Increased Win Rates: Understanding why an opportunity may not close serves as a reality check and helps avoid pursuing a deal due to human bias. It also allows corrective real-time and future actions with the Playbook and coaching insights, to helps teams close more deals and meet their plan targets.

Better Sales Intelligence: The coaching layer improves a team’s understanding of their sales win factors, as well as their pipeline health, resulting in more accurate forecasting accuracy, improved coaching levels and revenue growth.