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Data Sciences as a Service

A. Introduction

Advanced analytics, using AI, has become essential for efficient sales and marketing processes if teams want to consistently meet targets and remain competitive. However, the primary challenge most organizations face today is in terms of their AI readiness. This refers to the gaps in being able to easily align data, business process and technology stacks. This is often an overwhelming initiative for most organizations but without it, insights are inaccurate, leading to misinformed business decisions. Moreover, the value of AI tools are marginalized. Did you know that 80% of an AI project is about data sourcing, and data assembly? So, choosing a supplier that is Data Smart is key to an effective advanced analytics partnership.


B. How Does It Work?

SalesChoice brings decades of expertise to help you to identify your current state gaps in achieving a desired future state. The breadth of our services includes: formulating a robust data strategy, data lineage/dictionary enablements, data governance stewardship, and designing, building and running complex AI models to modernize sales and marketing operations.

Our Data Sciences Life Cycle Model includes a clear step-by-step guided process to understand the big question and the data sources in place to feed information, strategize the right methods to design and build relevant analytical models, refine them to validate results and incorporate a success strategy to sustainably leverage the process and models in the future.


C. Benefits for Your Organization

Relevant stakeholder mapping and KPI tracking allows teams to stay on top of their primary asset: data. The exposed gaps give them an opportunity to improve cross-functional collaboration & effective business practices that can be sustained, thanks to clear roles and accountabilities in place to procure and manage data. A thorough knowledge of the state of data also serves to better qualify solutions that an organization can use and ones it cannot, therefore helping formulate short and long-term strategies for success.

Since 70%-80% of any AI modeling time is spent on cleaning and preparing the data, SalesChoice’s data science services also significantly reduce the costs involved with leveraging AI-enabled solutions. Most importantly, organizations gain from custom AI models that fit their unique business realities, challenges and resources in place, which guarantee results from your investments.


D. Business Impact

Complete and accurate data, and a process to maintain it, ensures accurate insights which are crucial for business success. This not only ensures better returns from investments of time and money made into existing and new resources and solutions, but also helps avoid mistakes or oversight in strategic direction and its execution. A strong grasp of the right data empowers organizations to leverage hidden opportunities in business for the long term, while being agile enough to weather changing market conditions.

Custom AI solutions also ensure that teams do not face the risk of a competitor replicating the solution to its advantage, allowing the organization to maintain a sustained competitive edge.