ZigaForm version 6.1.1

Opportunity Insights

A. Introduction

We live in an Age of Distraction; our ability to focus is down to less than 8 seconds – less than that of a goldfish! With 30% of sales professionals with attention deficit disorder, organizations experience millions of dollars in lost revenue due to a lack of focus and human bias in pursuing the wrong sales opportunities. Sales professionals need guided selling insights on the best opportunities worth pursuing, the effectiveness of their actions and their pipeline performance. SalesChoice is a sales professional’s new best friend, working 7×24 and giving you timely pipeline insights to ensure you focus on the best opportunities to crush your targets!


B. How Does It Work?

The SalesChoice Insight EngineTM identifies the fields in your dataset that are most influential to your opportunities, and the custom conditions that have historically resulted in wins for different kinds of opportunities. These conditions, unique to your business, apply a combination of Machine Learning techniques, allowing SalesChoice to calculate the odds of every deal in your pipe with up to 95% accuracy, and categorize them into three clear buckets – A (the most likely to win), B (odds can be improved) and C (the least likely to win).

These insights are further complimented with powerful features:

  1. The Opportunity History feature reveals every change made by the rep on an opportunity since its creation, and explains how the rep’s actions influenced its odds of winning, keeping track of every move made.
  2. SalesChoice utilizes its knowledge of the quality of your pipe (based on the # of A, B & C opportunities) to provide insights on the performance of your sales professionals, accounts & lead sources.


C. Benefits for Your Sales Organization

The clear A-B-C rating system allows your sales team to instantly focus on the strongest win opportunities and avoid wasting time on opportunities that are most likely not to close. SalesChoice also reveals the quality of the pipeline by team or rep, evaluates data completeness, lead channel, solution mix, pricing, your win history, and many other unique factors to your company’s win patterns . The Opportunity History allows managers and AE’s to avoid adverse changes to an opportunity. Finally, the quality of pipe helps you understand why some of your AE’s overperform or underperform, which accounts are truly attractive, which lead sources to invest in, etc.


D. Business Impact

Increased Win Rates: Ensuring that the most likely opportunities are pursued first, and ineffective changes are avoided in the future, help teams close more deals and increase their topline revenue growth rates by 5-20%.

Better Resource Utilization: Visibility into the quality of the opportunities being pursued by the AE, being supplied by an account, or being generated by a lead source helps make stronger investment decisions so better-quality opportunities are pursued to meet your current business targets, and also improve future portfolio management.