ZigaForm version 6.1.1

Sentiment & Personality Insights

A. Introduction

Too many deals are lost today because the customer did not “like” the person selling to him or her. These behaviors can be revealed by the sentiment of conversations, and are often a result of a personality mismatch between the seller and the customer. Matching buyers and sellers and ensuring positive engagements are strategic sales priorities to maximize win rates.

Although we train sales professionals to identify their buyer profiles and coach them on situational leadership styles, it is not easy changing your communication style consistently. As a result, even the most disciplined sales person often fails to get a customer interested – simply from a communication / style mismatch. This is why SalesChoice has built Sentiment Insights and Personality Profiler into our AI Insight Engine. This will ensure that your sales resources communication styles secure a positive response and hence improve your odds of building a trusted customer relationship.

B. How Does It Work?

The two features analyze the natural conversation style of your sales resources and accounts. They then reveal the positivity or negativity of conversations by accounts, industries, territories or any other customizable parameter, as well as the personality and cultural profile of your customer(s) accounts across four distinct personality types: Expressive, Analytical, Amiable and Driver, based on ~50 different base human traits analyzed through the natural conversational styles of individuals, as reflected in writings or transcriptions of any individual. The sources can be: email, texting, voice, etc. It helps avoid any bias or misrepresentation of inherent conversational styles, which is otherwise often the case with self assessments.

C. Benefits for Your Sales Organization

SalesChoice’s Sentiment & Personality Insights can improve your sales outcomes & account retention. It allows you to:

  1. Focus on the quality of your team’s engagements with the strategic accounts instead of only looking at the volume and recency of such engagements.
  2. Communicate with your sales team or target accounts in a way that resonates naturally with them. Eg: Tek Turbo or Andrew would prefer direct and to-the-point communication, while Michael may like more context and storytelling.


D. Business Impact

Contextual Insights for Accurate Sensemaking:

  1. The Sentiment & Personality insights reveal the hidden factors, like communication, influencing performance and sales outcomes.
  2. The features assess natural conversations existing in emails etc, thereby avoiding self-bias and additional time commitment from the sales team in taking tests or surveys.

Improve Employee Motivation & Performance:

  1. Make your sales efforts more effective by ensuring no deals are lost due to poor communication.
  2. Improve the sales representative’s performance levels by facilitating better account relationships.
  3. Increase the employee motivation levels by communicating with individuals in a way they appreciate.
  4. Maximize the effectiveness of your Sales Coverage and increase your Sales win rates.