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Total Satisfaction Guarantee Breakeven Calculator

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Our Unique Value

SalesChoice is the only Sales AI company that offers a Total Satisfaction Guarantee (TSG)™ Plan. You can Cancel on 30 days-Notice.



Pricing Notes:

  1. Free Initial Sales Training.
  2. A free sales readiness assessment is also available.
  3. Customer success and data science packages are optional services.
  4. Fees are payable monthly in advance.
  5. All views of data require a license for mathematical computational intelligence.
  6. One time set up fees of $90.00 per user.
  7. Additional custom training offers are available for an additional fee.

Breakeven Value Calculator

To help you understand the Breakeven on SalesChoice’s Insight Engine™ access our Breakeven Calculator and fill in the missing cells. We provide you with an easy Breakeven assessment on the value SalesChoice can achieve for you. We average 250% or more ROI in our clients. To access the calculator, please fill the above form.

NOTE: The calculator will download automatically upon form submission. You will need Microsoft Excel to view the form.

Customer Testimonials

Like Uber takes you to the right destination, SalesChoice Inc. guides you to the right destination acting as a mobile SalesGPS – always on, always learning and always being your best friend.