Our life is frittered away by detail … simplify, simplify.’ ~Henry David Thoreau

The Value of Analytics use soars among Top Sales Teams.

Where there’s analytics use, there’s likely a winning sales organization. High-performing sales teams are 3.5x more likely than underperforming teams to use sales analytics. Across teams at all levels, we’ll see a 58% increase in sales analytics use from 2015 to 2016. Smart selling, fueled by technologies like predictive analytics, starts piquing sales teams’ interest and is expected to jump 77% among high performers in the next 12–18 months (SalesForce Report, 2015).

Analytics can help Simplify your sales resources lives – both managers and sales account executives. With the realities of 7×24 distraction(s) are at an all time high. The human was not hard wired to cope in the Age of Distraction as SalesChoice’s research demonstrated in our recent eBook publication. Sales professionals have attention less than a goldfish – about 8 seconds in total and this has dropped by over 30% on average in the last ten years. In addition,  30% of those sales professionals suffer from Attention Deficit Disorders.

To simplify Sales Professionals lives – they need a 7×24 coaching tool advising them when they are On Ramp or Off Ramp. This capability is now available in the market, leveraging powerful predictive and machine learning tools, overlays into SalesForce’s powerful Wave Business Intelligence Tools with SalesChoice’s Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Tools.

Other compelling reports recognizing the Age of Distraction and the increasing need to Focus on the critical few vs the critical many was also recently profiled in  the Aberdeen Report which declared that sales teams using Predictive Analytics perform over 51% better than companies not using predictive.

Teams that sell together, win together.

Achieving sales excellence takes a village. High performers are nearly 3x more likely than underperformers to view sales as 100% the responsibility of the entire organization. Winning teams are also connecting with customers in more ways than ever before, and are 4.7x more likely than underperformers to be outstanding or very good at omnichannel sales interactions (SalesForce 2015 Analytics Report).

High performers are High tech.

When it comes to managing customer relationships, high-performing salesteams use technology to accelerate sales processes and free up time to sell, using nearly 3x more functionality than under-performing teams. Top performers are nearly 8x more likely than under-performers to be heavy tech adopters, showing winning teams’ proclivity to optimize every part of the process.


For Sales Professionals to win in the Age of Distraction – simplify simplify simplify is going to have to be top of mind. With so many distractions from so many directions, focusing on the best sales opportunities that have the best odds of winning must be top of mind.  The only way foreward is to embrace advanced Data Sciences with Predictive to leverage investments in CRM investments. See SalesForce and SalesChoice at work with our integrated predictive capabilities demonstrating the value of Predictive Prioritization, Predictive Forecasting and Predictive Micro-Segmentation at work with our Wave Analytics and SalesChoice solution(s). You can also register for a demo here.