Digiday is a leader in the media industry and has been rapidly growing year over year by 70%. Their unique sales cycle and expanding sales team posed many new challenges to them. Monitoring easily their sales pipeline in SalesForce on sales coverage, quality of deals, and sales forecasting was an ongoing challenge. One of the major issues Digiday was facing that in native SalesForce, the opportunity to pick any time dimension for forecasting was not easily accessible, so SalesChoice augmented the functionality that Digiday needed to meet their unique media industry needs.

The results have been very positive for Digiday giving them increased

(1) monitoring insights on their sales pipeline and coverage forecasting needs

(2) enabling a 7×24 coaching set of tools to advise their sales resources if they are on target or not on target not using weighted pipeline average/multiples, but rather using predictive sciences which are far more accurate, and running at over 85% prediction accuracy for Digiday consistently, saving time on management overheads on forecasting realities

(3) ability to understand the underlying patterns driving their business in real time with easy to understand indicators on the reasons for the wins or losses before they happen, so alternative sales game plans can be developed.

Paul Borselli, Chief Revenue Officer has just released a customer case study and testimonial and has released this statement:

“We decided to implement SalesChoice to help us solve a number of challenges in tracking our sales funnel. One was to assist our sales executives on focusing their efforts towards opportunities that were most likely to close, based on SalesChoice’s predictive modelling technology. SalesChoice helps segment sales opportunities into A’s, B,s and C’s type rating, thus guiding a sales team to keep the appropriate attention on the best opportunities to meet a company’s sales targets. As an inventory business in multi-media with display and native advertising, along with event sponsorships, SalesChoice team worked to help Digiday implement and effective solution to keep track of our ever changing sales funnel. Their team understands our unique Media service offerings, and helped customize our experience to ensure we were able to operate more efficiently. SalesChoice has been a fantastic partner, with a great product and a customer centric staff.”

In summary, a few facts to help keep us all alert as sales leaders worldwide, the amount of infield time of sales professionals has dropped in the last ten years to levels of only 30% in field sales selling time. Productivity of sales professionals is at an all time low, and its not getting better without using new approaches that help sales leaders and AE’s focus on the best opportunities to win. SalesChoice uses the most advanced AI/Machine Learning approaches to analyze all the patterns in sales force and increasingly outside of SalesForce.

Sales is hard, but it just got easier with SalesChoice’s simplified solutions, fully integrated with SalesForce,and also now SalesForce’s WAVE Analytics. With Sales Choice’s Predictive Analytics, we guide sales leaders and AE’s in real time to find the best opportunities: We call this the new Sales GPS. – on ramp or off ramp. Like Siri is for APPLE, SalesChoice is for SALES. With predictive accuracy over 85% and hitting levels of 95% in some clients, why would you not innovate your B2B sales. Sales is Hard but it can get easier.

To see the product in action in the WAVE environment, go here. To see SalesChoice in native mode, go here. To book a demo go here

We hope that you will consider to join our innovation success like Paul has experienced, and other major customers from Macadamian , Relation Edge  and many more – We help our clients SEE MORE TO WIN MORE. Its time to embrace Machine Learning as its a Sales Game Changer.