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The SalesChoice team works together to deliver Big Data and Advanced Sales Analytic Services, and our core values guide the way:

We make data speak, with ethically sound AI.

We view our customers as precious.

We have the courage to innovate.

We have a passion for growth.

We believe in collaborative teamwork.

We value our diverse community.

Our Leadership Principles

  • We are customer centric in everything we do.
  • We are passionate about accurate and trustworthy big data and sales analytics to propel our customers forward.
  • We hire the best and the brightest to ensure our customers win more.
  • We value strategy and alignment to run our business.
  • We value diversity in gender, culture and thought.
  • We are collaborative and always find win-win pathways.
  • We value quality and process, and always lead with facts.
  • We are results oriented versus action oriented.
  • We are empowered to make decisions that serve our customers.
  • We value authenticity, honesty and open transparency to guide our decision-making.
  • We value listening, are humble, and strive to be effective communicators – always.
  • We treat people with respect and dignity and cherish every voice. It is our daily heartbeat.
  • We value life-long learning to advance our know-how.
  • We value our community and make impactful contributions.
  • We have no time for politics or negative weeds in our precious gardens.

Sustainability Policy

Our sustainability policy focuses on reducing the environmental impact of our business as a SaaS company and encouraging our stakeholders to do so. Our employees follow these values in operation and responsibly dispose of our e-waste. As a cognitive sciences company aiming to create a better and collaborative future, we remain committed to ensuring a healthy and sustainable planet for future generations.