Ottawa, Canada | May 30th 2019 – Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO & Founder of SalesChoice Inc., has been awarded the 2019 MindBridge AI ‘AI Leader of the Year’ Award at this year’s Impact AI Conference.

Dr. Cindy Gordon received the award from Eli Fathi, CEO MindBridge AI, in recognition of her role in advancing the use, education, and promotion of AI technology in Canada that solves problems in a socially and ethically responsible manner. Cindy has demonstrated her engagement with the community in helping to improve Canada’s competitive business climate and champion the development of responsible AI.

“By founding and advising several software companies, including AI solutions for healthcare and sales analytics, and authoring many books on technology and AI, Dr. Cindy Gordon has demonstrated exceptional leadership and execution to further the position of AI in Canada. With this award, she has been recognized as an influencer in the marketplace,” said Eli Fathi, CEO MindBridge Ai.

Dr. Cindy Gordon is recognized by her peers as a business leader and an AI Champion, as well as a high energy community volunteer and advocate for advancing the stature of Canada’s technology industries. Cindy mentors women coast to coast, and geography to geography to inspire them to pursue careers in STEM and advance their careers. She brings leadership, insight and strategic thinking into play with all of her initiatives and is a most deserving winner of the AI Leader of the Year Award.” said John Reid, CEO, CATA.

I am honoured to be the recipient of the 2019 MindBridge AI ‘AI Leader of the Year’ Award. If we want to lead in AI, we must increase our applied innovation commercialization of AI. Our patent ratios in AI in Canada have been declining year over year. And to lead in AI, we must become a leader in advancing our AI community ecosystem. Every time we don’t Buy Canada, we are impacting our children’s future. Our clients like: OCE, IBM, Purolator, Versature, an IDT Nasdaq company, are examples of Canadian leaders betting on our future and we are forever grateful. The AI Leader of the Year Award provides a validation platform that we are worthy to be on the global stage. As peers in the AI industry, we will need to stand for each other’s success, as our strength will come from us coming together as proud Canadians.” said Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, SalesChoice Inc.



Malay Upadhyay, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, SalesChoice

John Reid, CEO, CATA

Eli Fathi, CEO,


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