Dr. Cindy Gordon has won the Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2022. At a glittering Women in IT awards ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto, Dr. Gordon was recognized for being a trailblazer and change champion for diversity and inclusiveness whilst mentoring hundreds of women and helping them advance their careers in STEM and analytics.

You can view the full list of winners here. Meanwhile, continuing with its global features, SalesChoice was recognized as a key player in the sales forecasting market by Fighting Hawk and The Express Wire.

Join us in our upcoming webinar on “The Essentials of B2B Sales Success during Challenging Times” on December 6th as we discuss sales strategies, 360 relationship intelligence and artificial intelligence boosters to achieve ever increasing sales plans. You can register here. Hear from: Greg Nutter, experienced CRO, Author of P3 Selling, Shannon Hamilton, VP Sales, Blackberry Radar, and Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, SalesChoice who will discuss these B2B challenges and share stories, lessons learned, and best practices.

As the Mood Insights app nears its launch, you can now explore it here and book a conversation to see how you can achieve a safer and more productive working environment to realize the full potential of your people and your systems. We’d love to hear your thoughts! For a quick reminder: the app helps you know your employee experience like never before with a real-time channel on operational gaps and corporate risk, while respecting individual privacy.

How can you further advance career and wellness intelligence in your organization? Dr. Cindy Gordon discusses 9 AI strategies in our recent Forbes article here. The Forbes School of Business and Technology® Thought Leader Summit is back this October 2022! Hosted by FSBT University of Arizona Global Campus with Dr. Maja (Maya) Zelihic, Dr Margie Warrell, and Mark P Mills, on Monday, October 17, 2022, this year’s event’s theme is set to be “Innovation, Change, and Success in Thriving and Turbulent Environments”.