We start September in Washington DC where Dr. Cindy Gordon will be speaking in this year’s Chief Diversity Officer roundtable on September 8th on why DEI Chiefs must lead more in AI Ethics.

It is an annual event organized by the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), which seeks to create a candid dialogue among top leaders in the diversity, equity and inclusion space about the challenges, lessons learned, best practices and the opportunities on the horizon. You can register for the event here.

Next up is the Sibos Conference, one of the world’s most prominent gatherings for the global financial services community. It is set to convene from Monday, Sept 18th to Thursday, Sept. 21st, 2023 in Toronto. Dr. Cindy Gordon will share her insights and outlooks on the topic “Contrarian Views: AI is the future… or not?” on Sept. 18th alongside other industry experts, including: Jared Bielby, Data & Analytics Ethics Advisor, City of Edmonton; Ghela Boskovich, Founder, FemTechGlobal; and Scott David, Executive Director – Information Risk and Synthetic Intelligence Research Initiative at University of Washington – Applied Physics Laboratory. You can find the program here.

Early in October, we will head to the CIO Executive Leadership Summit which will see Dr. Gordon share her insights on the topic “Generative AI: Will it Revolutionize the Customer Experience?” You can read about her and register for this October 3rd event here. Hosted by HMG Strategy, a leading global technology executive leadership network, the summit will serve as a dynamic platform for CIOs and technology leaders to explore emerging trends, share insights, and shape the future of business technology.

Finally, the global healthcare community is gearing up for a one of a kind event – the Virtual Care Rehab Conference 2023, on October 14th, 2023. This event will also feature MoodInsights – our latest offering – as Dr. Cindy Gordon speaks on The Future of Healthcare: Redesigning the Rehabilitation System by 2033. Specifically, she will talk about the Ethical Considerations in Navigating AI-Driven Rehabilitation, and the increasing importance of leadership focused on happiness and health. You can read more about the conference here.