“Profit is not the goal, it is the result of the goal.” Kimberly Wiefling from the Founder Institute and a mentor to startups globally shared this insight as part of her global perspective of Japan, Europe and North America on how to get Employee Engagement Practices right. You can listen to the discussion here.

In her Forbes coverage, Dr. Cindy Gordon profiled three companies across the globe that are making waves with AI. First was COQUI, a Generative AI speech innovation that will likely revolutionize the voice market as the company aims to bring AI voice to video game developers, post-productive and other creatives. Next she took us all the way to Vietnam to look at how VinAI is democratizing AI in the country, as we heard directly from the CEO and Founder, Dr. Hung Bui. Finally, we looked at Flowa, an AI email flow disruptor taking us from Sales Enablement To Buyer Enablement.

Our blog channel continues with diverse perspectives surrounding AI, starting with the role AI could play to avert disasters like the Ohio toxic train wreck. We also looked at a KPMG global study confirming how trust in AI remains a major employee confidence gap. Not a surprise then that this blog followed a look at why Microsoft’s Bing chatbot is raising ethical eyebrows. And finally, we looked at the need for innovative AI in health as anxiety rates continue to increase.

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