The AI Partnerships Corporation recently release a white paper on SalesChoice, showcasing the many features that make it the easiest and most comprehensive AI insights platform for sales analytics. AIP is a global affiliate of 120+ AI solution providers, operating under the core values of innovation, partner growth and accessibility. You can explore their library and get your copy of the white paper here.

SalesChoice was recognized for its Predictive Sales Analytics strength across several media reports and research firms, including The Sports ForwardMarketPrimes and a review of the sales analytics solutions market share growth forecast. As the latter notes, the reports leveraged past records and industry-validated statistics germane to the key growth catalysts, opportunities, profitable prospects, restraints, and limitations alongside other quantitative & qualitative information to provide precise forecasts for this market and its subdivisions. And in case you missed it, here’s the Who’s Who in AI list by Onalytica.

We are bringing articles galore for you this month. In her Forbes coverage, Dr. Cindy Gordon discussed how organizations should work, with a focus on entrepreneurial leadership behaviours and achieving growth maximization. She followed it up by revisiting the importance of Happiness Foundations and President Joe Biden’s focus on Cleantech energy and AI. Would you like to feature on Forbes or have a use case our readers would benefit from? Contact us today.

As we gear up for the launch of our Mood Insights app – the organizational MRI that gives instant visibility to what your employees are thinking and how they are feeling – for improved wellbeing and productivity, here is a recap of what our partners – the Ontario government and Purolator – had said at the time of its launch and why they rate the app so highly. If you would like to get an early sneak peek into the app and its value for your organization, do reach out to us via our website or email.